What is Oakley Asian Fit Compared to Oakley Regular Fit

Experience Comfort and Style with the Right Fit

When it comes to choosing the perfect pair of Oakley sunglasses, comfort and style are paramount. With a wide range of frames, lens styles, and coatings available, it’s important to find the right fit for your individual needs. That’s where Oakley Asian fit and regular fit come into play, offering sunglass frames designed to cater to different individuals.

What is Oakley Asian Fit?

Oakley Asian fit sunglasses are specifically designed to provide a more comfortable and tailored fit for those who struggle to find the perfect fit in standard sunglass frames. One key difference lies in the nose bridges. Asian fit sunglasses feature narrow and deeper nose bridges compared to regular fit frames. This design accommodates individuals who have difficulty finding sunglasses that sit properly on their noses.

oakley asian fit sunglasses

The longer nose mount pads in Oakley Asian fit frames offer maximum room for adjustment and ensure a better fit. Additionally, thoughtfully-designed nose pads with special sizes make it easier to adjust the frame on a higher nose, enhancing overall comfort. This feature is not available in regular fit sunglasses.

The Difference in Sunglasses Ear Stems

Another distinction lies in the ear stems. Oakley Asian fit sunglasses have specially designed ear stems that provide a more rounded shape. This design caters to the natural shape of the user’s head, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. On the other hand, regular Oakley fit sunglasses feature standard ear stem designs for those who prefer the original Oakley style.

oakley asian fit vs regular fit

Enhanced Comfort with Frame Curvature

The front curvature of Oakley Asian fit sunglasses is reduced compared to regular fit frames. This reduction in size and width is beneficial for individuals who find sunglass frames touching their temples and cheeks uncomfortable. The reduced frame curvature of Asian fit sunglasses provides a more comfortable design that adapts to the user’s face shape.

oakley asian fit

Your Experience Matters

Oakley understands that not everyone finds regular fit sunglasses comfortable. That’s why they offer the Asian fit style, available in almost all their popular frames. By prioritizing comfort and ease of use, Oakley ensures that their sunglasses cater to the needs of individuals, providing an exceptional experience and maximum comfort.

So, if you’re in search of sunglasses that deliver the perfect fit, consider Oakley Asian fit. Experience the difference in comfort, style, and functionality while protecting your eyes in the great outdoors.


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