539 Area Code – Tulsa – History and Details

Are you a business that communicates with people in Tulsa, Oklahoma? If so, you probably dial phone numbers with the 539 area code. But, if you operate remotely, your local business number might not match the area code of this region. However, there’s an easy solution to appear local and improve your business. Here’s everything you need to know about the location, history, and details of the 539 area code.

Area Code Location

The 539 area code primarily covers Tulsa, Oklahoma. It also encompasses the northeastern part of the state, including cities like Tahlequah, Broken Arrow, Jenks, McAlester, and Muskogee. Tulsa is the largest city within this area code, with a population of over 400,000. Overall, the 539 area code serves approximately 1,678,826 people.

The History of the 539 Area Code

Oklahoma’s area codes were introduced in stages. Initially, in 1947, the state had only one area code – 405. However, in 1953, a new area code, 918, was introduced to serve the northeastern part of the state. Then, in 2011, the 539 area code became the first overlay area code in Oklahoma. As a result, residents and businesses within the area use both 539 and 918 area codes for their phone numbers.

Details About This Area

Tulsa, the main city within the 539 area code, covers an area of 196.8 square miles. In contrast, this area code spans a vast territory of 19,910.72 square miles, constituting almost a quarter of the entire state of Oklahoma. The region is affectionately known as the Green Country due to its lush green hills and thriving agricultural economy. The 539 area code follows the Central Time Zone, aligning with other central states such as Iowa, Alabama, and Missouri.

Life in the 539 Area

Living in Tulsa has its advantages and disadvantages. The city offers relatively affordable housing, with an average home cost of around $124,500. With a median income of almost $42,000, many Tulsa residents can achieve their American dream of owning a home. The city offers a vibrant urban lifestyle with ample recreational opportunities, including hiking, sports, arts, and live music. However, Tulsa does face challenges such as a high crime rate and extreme weather conditions, including ice storms in the winter and scorching hot summers.

Doing Business in Tulsa with Vanity Phone Numbers

If you want a local phone number with a Tulsa area code, consider getting a vanity phone number. These numbers can be seamlessly integrated into your current business phone systems, enabling easy communication with people in this region of Oklahoma.

In Conclusion

Tulsa, as the second-largest city in Oklahoma, presents valuable business opportunities. By acquiring a Tulsa phone number, you can establish a local presence and gain the trust of residents in the area. Ready to connect with customers in Tulsa and its surrounding cities? Contact Global Call Forwarding today to choose your Oklahoma phone number and create your own virtual phone number account with customizable features.

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