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Paramount Plus, a part of Paramount Network owned by Viacom Media Networks, offers a wide variety of shows and series that you don’t want to miss. With over 80.24 million subscribers in the United States, Paramount Network is a popular choice for high-quality entertainment. But what channel is Paramount on DIRECTV? Let’s find out.

The Difference Between Paramount and DIRECTV

Before we dive into the channel number, let’s clear up any confusion. There are a few different entities associated with Paramount:

  • Paramount Network
  • Paramount Streaming App
  • Paramount+ Premium Streaming service

DIRECTV has Paramount Network, the regular old channel, on channel 241. Yes, you can get that on a package. The Paramount Streaming App can be downloaded to cell phones, most streaming devices, and possibly some Smart TVs.

If the Paramount Streaming App isn’t available for your TV, you’ll need to get a streaming device (e.g., Fire TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.) and connect it to an HDMI port on your TV. Then you can download the Paramount Streaming App to that device and enjoy its content. The Paramount App is a great option for free content.

However, Paramount+ is a premium streaming service that requires an additional monthly fee. As far as I know, no TV provider (such as DIRECTV, Dish, Xfinity, etc.) includes Paramount+ in any of its package deals. If you pay for it, you can watch Paramount+ content in the app.

What is Paramount Channel on DIRECTV?

Paramount Network, formerly known as the Nashville Network, offers a wide range of programming options, including original series, classic movies, and live sports events. DIRECTV provides access to this channel, allowing you to enjoy Paramount Network content.

To access Paramount Network on DIRECTV, you will need a subscription to one of their television packages. Depending on your package, you can find Paramount Network on channel 241 or 1459. It’s always recommended to confirm the channel number with DIRECTV customer support or check your local listings.

Other Streaming Services with Paramount Channel

If you’re looking for more streaming options with Paramount content, there are a few services to consider:

CBS All Access

Paramount Plus, formerly known as CBS All Access, offers content from Paramount and Viacom. With access to Comedy Central, BET, MTV, Nickelodeon, and Smithsonian Channel, Paramount Plus has a vast library of movies and hit shows. It also provides a live feed from your local CBS affiliate, making it a comprehensive streaming service.

CBS Streaming

CBS is available on many cable and live TV streaming services, including YouTube TV. DIRECTV also offers several plans that include CBS channels. Depending on your subscription, you can enjoy CBS content through DIRECTV, or you can watch CBS shows on Hulu. Hulu’s on-demand content and Live TV service provide access to a library of movies and TV shows.


If you want to watch Paramount Network, find it on channel 241. It is a pay-TV channel that provides reruns of popular entertainment shows. To watch it, you will need a subscription. The Paramount Movie Network, which specializes in original movies and TV shows, is also available on most DIRECTV packages. Both channels offer the option to watch in high definition.

Exclusive Shows of Paramount on DIRECTV

Paramount Network on DIRECTV features several exclusive programs that you can’t watch anywhere else. Here are a few notable shows:


Yellowstone is a captivating drama series set in Montana that follows the Dutton family’s struggle to protect their ranch from outside forces. With stunning scenery, talented performances, and gripping storylines, Yellowstone has become a fan favorite.

Ink Master

Ink Master is a reality competition series that showcases the skills and creativity of tattoo artists. With judges like Dave Navarro and Oliver Peck, it’s a must-watch for tattoo enthusiasts and anyone interested in the art of tattooing.

Lip Sync Battle

Hosted by LL Cool J, Lip Sync Battle features celebrities competing against each other in lip sync performances. This entertaining show is perfect for unwinding and having a laugh.


Paramount Network on DIRECTV offers a diverse range of programming options, from reality shows to drama and action-packed films. With exclusive content and live sporting events, the channel provides an unparalleled viewing experience for its subscribers. So, if you’re a fan of Paramount Network, make sure to tune in on DIRECTV and catch all the exciting shows and series it has to offer.

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