Peacock Blue Is The Best Interior Color You Have Yet To Discover

Peacock blue, a unique and captivating color reminiscent of a peacock’s neck, offers a strong and distinctive option for your next interior makeover. In this article, we will explore the difference between peacock blue and teal, as well as showcase 20 creative ways to incorporate peacock blue into your home decor.

Are Peacock Blue And Teal The Same Colors?

While often confused with each other, peacock blue and teal are distinct. Peacock blue leans more towards blue, while teal has a stronger green undertone. A simple trick to differentiate the two is to compare their darkness. The darker shade will be peacock blue.

Peacock Blue Ideas For Your Next Makeover

Discover the endless possibilities of peacock blue in transforming your interior spaces. Here are 20 inspiring ideas to enliven your home:

Peacock Blue Accessories

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Enhance your room’s interior design with peacock blue accessories. From an oven range exhaust fan with brass trim to stunningly command attention, to other carefully selected room decor that surprises and dazzles your kitchen space.

Peacock Blue Appliances

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
For those who desire a non-traditional hue, consider adding peacock blue appliances to your home. These vibrant and eye-catching additions will surely elevate your interior decor.

Peacock Blue Oven

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Make a bold statement in your kitchen with a peacock blue oven. Whether your style is modern, traditional, or rustic, this focal point will add a touch of elegance to your space.

Peacock Blue Cabinets

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Create a unique and eye-catching look with peacock blue kitchen cabinets. Surprisingly harmonious when paired with white countertops and trim, this unconventional choice adds a touch of intrigue to your kitchen.

Peacock Blue Furniture

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Transform your living room with a peacock blue sofa as the focal point. Take it a step further by painting one or all the walls in this exquisite color for a cohesive and striking look.

Peacock Blue Walls

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Make a statement with peacock blue walls. Showcase your love for peacocks with artwork that captures the grace and elegance of these majestic creatures, elevating the beauty of the blue walls.

Peacock Blue Ceilings

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Create a stunning visual impact with a peacock blue ceiling. Resembling the deep, rich hues of the sky and ocean, this unique choice can be the center of attention or complemented by simple and neutral furnishings.

Peacock Blue Backsplash

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Add a touch of individuality to your kitchen with a peacock blue backsplash. Pair it with white and gray for a unique and stylish look, and accent the room with complementary colors like navy blue or saffron yellow.

Peacock Blue Neutral Colors

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Create a serene and meditative space by combining peacock blue with neutral colors like gray or white. This versatile combination looks especially pleasing with wood and brown hues.

Interior Decor

Stylish kitchen hood in peacock color
Display artwork or accessories inspired by peacocks to showcase the origin of your exquisite peacock blue decor. Let your creativity shine with paintings, sculptures, or vases that capture the beauty of these graceful creatures.

Window Shutters

Accent The Exterior Of Your Home With Peacock Blue Shutters
Accentuate the exterior of your home with peacock blue shutters. From porch railings to front doors and trim, peacock blue adds a fresh and standout touch to your home’s curb appeal.

Bedroom Colors

Peacock Blue Can Be Used In Any Room
Revamp your bedroom with peacock blue curtains. These vibrantly colored accents complement your bedroom decor and brighten up any space. Perfect for adding a pop of color to rooms that feel too dark.


Hang Peacock Blue Curtains
Incorporate peacock blue into any room with curtains that feature this stunning color. From bold patterns to more subtle designs, there are plenty of options to suit your taste.

Bathroom Tile

Brighten A Bathroom With Peacock Blue Tile
Add style and depth to your bathroom with peacock blue tiles. Partially tiling the bathroom with a glass-like peacock blue accentuates the beauty of wooden vanities, while light pink sinks and gold hardware offer striking contrasts.

Table Decor

Purchase Peacock Table Decor
Create a stunning table centerpiece with peacock-themed decorations or invest in peacock dishes to elevate your dining experience. These elegant pieces add a touch of sophistication to any setting.

Window Trim

Paint Trim And Window Frames With Peacock Blue
Add character to your windows with peacock blue trim. This particular shade pairs well with wood flooring, providing a harmonious and stylish look.

Throw Blanket

Place A Peacock Blue Throw Blanket
For a subtle touch of peacock blue, incorporate a throw pillow or blanket into your living room decor. This adds color and warmth to your furniture without overwhelming the room.

Blue Wallpaper

Consider Peacock Blue Colored Wallpaper
Create a captivating space with peacock blue wallpaper. This gorgeous color, combined with intricate peacock-inspired patterns, adds depth and elegance to any room.

Dining Room Chairs

Add Peacock Blue Chairs To Your Dining Room
Elevate your dining room with peacock blue chairs. Whether re-upholstering your existing chairs or investing in all-peacock blue plush chairs, this bold choice adds impeccable style to your dining space.

Bathroom Sink

Install A Peacock Blue Sink
Transform your bathroom with a stunning peacock blue sink. Its regal beauty adds a majestic touch to your space, elevating your overall living experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is The Hex Color Code For Peacock Blue?

The Hex color code for peacock blue is 00A4B4.

Is Peacock Blue A Warm Color?

Peacock blue is warmer than ultramarine due to its heavy blue influence. It pairs well with both bold neutral colors like white or beige and haughty colors like magenta and orange.

When Did Peacock Blue First Become Popular?

Peacock blue gained popularity among interior decorators in 2013. While its popularity may have waned, it is making a comeback as a truly remarkable interior color choice.

Peacock Blue: A Hidden Gem

Interior design aims to achieve harmony, and vibrant colors often face a tacky reputation. However, peacock blue stands alone as a true gem. Decorating with bold colors is like adding exotic spices to your cooking; it’s all about taste and personal preference. Just as some people enjoy spicy food and others prefer milder flavors, peacock blue offers a unique and extraordinary option for those seeking to elevate their home’s interior.

So, expand your color palette and embrace peacock blue as your next interior color choice. Its extraordinary nature guarantees a touch of elegance and individuality that will truly make your space stand out.

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