What Color Is Your Parachute Test: The Right Job

What Color Is Your Parachute Test: The Right Job

Do you want to find your ideal job? Have you heard about the What Color Is Your Parachute test? This test is designed to help you identify the career path that suits you best. By completing the test, you will gain insights into your working environment preferences, desired location, skills, and job satisfaction. Let’s explore the six worksheets included in the What Color Is Your Parachute test.

The What Color Is Your Parachute Test

Worksheet #1: Ideal Environments

The first worksheet in the What Color Is Your Parachute test focuses on your preferred working environment. You will reflect on what you dislike and consider the opposite. Create a chart with four columns on a piece of scrap paper and identify your ideal environment.

Worksheet #2: What Are Your Functional Skills?

Many people are unaware of their functional skills, but they play a crucial role in the What Color Is Your Parachute test. If you are unsure, follow these steps to discover your functional skills:

  1. Write seven stories about meaningful moments in your life, focusing on enjoyable experiences.
  2. Analyze each story to identify the functional skills you utilized to achieve your goals.
  3. Look for patterns in the skills that reoccur across multiple stories.
  4. Prioritize your favorite skills and create a list in order of importance.
  5. Combine your traits and skills, adding specific qualifiers when necessary, to create powerful phrases for job interviews.

Worksheet #3: Determine Desirable Geographic Factors

Consider the geographic factors that are important to you. Create a chart with four columns on a scrap piece of paper:

  • Factor category
  • Desired level
  • Degree of importance
  • Partner’s opinion (if applicable)

Make a list of your top twenty factors, alternating between your preferences and your partner’s (if applicable). Rank these factors in order of priority.

Worksheet #4: What Level Do You Want to Work At?

Consider the level of responsibility you desire in your job. Do you want to be a team member, a manager, or a boss? Write a two- or three-word description on Petal #5.

Worksheet #5: What Salary Range Do You Want?

Determine your desired salary range by first understanding your current expenses. Create a budget that includes categories such as housing, food, transportation, insurance, health, education, savings, and more. Multiply your monthly budget by 12 to obtain the yearly amount and then divide it by 2,000 to calculate your desired hourly wage. Determine both the minimum and maximum numbers for your salary range.

Worksheet #6: Factors Besides Money

Consider factors besides money that are important to you in a job. Think about aspects like respect, challenge, fame, creativity, or opportunities to help others. This optional worksheet allows you to explore what truly matters to you beyond financial compensation.

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