How to Pick the Right Metal Roof Color: 2023 Consumer Guide

Choosing the right color for your new metal roof can be an exciting process, especially with the multitude of options available today. However, it’s essential to avoid getting overwhelmed by the abundance of choices. Keep in mind that the color you choose will significantly impact the overall appearance and curb appeal of your home, as well as its comfort and energy efficiency to some extent.

Visualizing and Comparing Color Schemes and Options

This consumer guide aims to help homeowners visualize and compare the most common color schemes and options available for metal roofs. We will also explore practical and aesthetic factors associated with different colors. To assist with the visualization, we have included a sample chart of Kynar 500 Metal Roof Colors.

metal roof colors

Quality of Paint Finish: Kynar 500 vs. Polyester and Basic Acrylic Paints

Choosing a high-quality paint finish for your metal roof is crucial. It should withstand the elements while maintaining a fresh and new appearance for years to come. Look for paint that has been treated with a special acrylic resin to block ultraviolet light. This treatment helps prevent premature fading, peeling, corrosion, rust, and water infiltration.

Applying different types of coatings and sealants as an additional protective layer decades later can further extend the lifespan of the paint and protect the metal from sun rays, moisture, and mildew.

The current industry standard is the “Kynar 500” paint finish, which comes with a 30-year warranty. Be cautious of paint finishes without the Kynar 500 or Hylar 5000 label. For residential applications, it is best to avoid lower-quality polyester or acrylic paint finishes that lack EnergyStar, CoolRoofs, or the equivalent labels.

Style of Your Home

The color and style of your metal roof should complement the overall look and feel of your home. Consider all the elements of your home’s exterior design, such as roof style and height, siding color, doors, windows, trim, landscape, and surrounding environment.

Keep in mind that a metal roof will retain its original color for many years. Therefore, choose a color that you will appreciate for an extended period. Aim for a roof color that harmonizes with your home’s exterior features, creating a unified and balanced look through the appropriate degree of contrast.

Siding, Shutters, and Trim

The ideal roof color achieves a balance of contrast and visual harmony with your home’s exterior. Therefore, consider the colors of your siding, shutters, and trim when selecting a metal roof color. They can either complement or clash with the roof color.

For example, if your siding, shutters, and trim feature warm earth tones such as beige or brown, a metal roof color in a similar warm tone like copper or bronze would enhance the overall look of your home. On the other hand, if your siding and trim have cooler colors like blue or gray, a metal roof color in a cool tone such as silver or charcoal would be more suitable.

Refer to the quick guide below for a better understanding of color hues:

Warm ColorsCool Colors
Red, Orange, YellowGreen, Blue, Purple
Appear closer to the observerAppear farther from the observer

Neutrals: Black, White, Gray, Tans, and Browns fall under neutral colors. They can be combined with brighter accent colors or used alone, depending on the overall design. The meaning and impression of neutral colors depend on the colors surrounding them.

Source: Usability.gov

The amount of contrast between the siding, shutters, trim, and metal roof color is another crucial factor to consider. If the siding and trim are light in color, a darker metal roof color can create a striking contrast. Conversely, if the siding and trim use darker colors, a lighter metal roof color will provide an appealing contrast.

Ultimately, the choice of a metal roof color should enhance the overall aesthetic of your home, taking into account the colors and tones of the siding and trim.

Roof Shape and Height

The shape and height of your roof can influence the visual impact of the metal roof color. A steeper roof benefits from a lighter color hue to avoid appearing overpowering. In contrast, a shallower roof benefits from a darker color hue to create visual balance and ensure the roof is noticeable when approaching the house.

Consider how the shape and height of your roof can create different effects, and select a metal roof color that complements and enhances your home’s overall exterior design.

Pro Tip: View different color samples at various times of the day to ensure you like the color under different lighting conditions, including both bright light hours and when the sun is setting and colors appear more subdued.

Galvalume color standing metal roof

Image Inspiration Credits: Rauser Design

Achieving Desired Effects with Any Roof Color

Nowadays, the color choices available for metal roofing are virtually limitless, allowing you to achieve any desired effect. The color you choose can instantly make your home stand out and command attention or create a more classic monochromatic scheme.

Consider going for an ultra-modern look with bare metals like stainless steel, Galvalume, titanium, aluminum, copper, zinc, or other exotic metals. These metals have distinctive natural colors that set them apart and create a unique and beautiful appearance for your home.

Additionally, keep in mind that dark and light colors have a significant impact on the overall look of your home. A lighter roof color can make your house appear taller and is ideal for homes with low roofs or shallow pitches. Conversely, a darker color can make a tall roof seem less overwhelming.

Englert Color Chart

Sample Charts for Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

Below are sample charts showcasing standing seam metal roof colors from different manufacturers:

1. Englert

Englert 1

Englert Custom Colors

Englert 2

Englert Metal Coils

Englert 3

Englert Light Color Standing Seam

Englert 4

Englert Architectural Steel Standing Seam

Englert 5

2. Berridge


3. PacLad


4. Drexel Metals

Drexel Metals

5. Affordable Metal

Affordable Metal

Trends in Your Neighborhood

Although personal aesthetic taste is important when deciding on a color scheme for your home, consider the general trends of roof colors in your neighborhood. Take a walk around and observe the “unwritten aesthetic rules” that residents follow. While it’s essential to select a color that you love, ensure that your home doesn’t become an eyesore in the neighborhood.

Energy Efficiency

The color of your metal roof plays a significant role in its energy efficiency, potentially resulting in savings on your monthly electric bill. Lighter colors like white, beige, peach, light green, or blue reflect more heat, making them suitable for regions with ample sunlight and hot climates.

Opting for a lighter color roof protects your home from excessive heat and reduces monthly energy expenses by as much as 20-30%. It also lightens the load on your AC systems during summer. However, if your home is in a cooler climate or has exceptional insulation and attic ventilation, darker colors won’t negatively impact your home’s energy performance.

Did you know? Many modern metal roofs offer high energy efficiency and CoolRoof ratings, even for darker colors. 😉

PV Solar Panels on Metal Roof

To achieve maximum energy efficiency and make your home more eco-friendly, consider installing photovoltaic solar panels on your standing seam metal roof. These panels can be seamlessly integrated without compromising the roof’s aesthetics or structural integrity.

Custom Colors and Profiles

Metal roofing provides endless possibilities for customizing your home’s look. You can order custom colors in various profiles that match your desired palette, creating a highly sophisticated and original appearance.

Moreover, custom levels of gloss or shininess are available for your metal roof. In addition to solid colors, advanced technology allows for two-tone and variegated colors that add aesthetic appeal.

Custom colors may come at a higher cost, and manufacturers or suppliers often have minimum quantity requirements. However, for larger projects, the premium for customization becomes more reasonable and well worth the exquisite, personalized look you can achieve.

How to Pick the Right Metal Roof Color: 2023 Consumer Guide

Tamko MetalWorks Metal Shingles Color Samples

Below are color samples for Tamko MetalWorks metal shingles:

1. TAMKO MetalWorks AstonWood

Tamko MetalWorks 1

2. TAMKO MetalWorks StoneCrest Tile

Tamko MetalWorks 2

3. TAMKO MetalWorks AstonWood

Tamko MetalWorks 3

Stone-Coated Steel Sample Colors

Stone-Coated Steel Sample Colors

How to Pick the Right Metal Roof Color: 2023 Consumer Guide

Corrugated and Ribbed Metal Roofing Sample Colors

Corrugated and Ribbed Metal Roofing Sample Colors


Here are some frequently asked questions about metal roof color selection:

  1. What factors should be considered when choosing a metal roof color?

    • When selecting a metal roof color, consider your home’s style, surrounding environment, and overall color scheme, including doors, siding, and trim. Roof shape, height, and pitch should also be taken into account.
  2. What color options are available for metal roofs?

    • Metal roofs come in a wide range of colors, from traditional shades like black, brown, and gray to bold hues like red, blue, and green. Metallic finishes such as copper and bronze are also available.
  3. How do I choose a color that complements the surrounding environment?

    • Consider the natural surroundings of your home, including the color of the landscape and nearby houses. Select a color that blends in with these elements, such as green or brown tones for houses surrounded by trees.
  4. How do I choose a color that complements my home’s style?

    • Take into account the architectural style of your house, be it modern or traditional. Choose a color that complements the style, such as gray or silver for modern designs, or dark brown or black for traditional homes.
  5. Can the color of the metal roof affect energy efficiency?

    • Yes, the color of the metal roof can have an impact on energy efficiency. Lighter colors like white or beige reflect more heat, reducing cooling costs in hot climates. Darker colors like black or dark gray absorb more heat, diminishing heating costs in cold climates.
  6. What is the best way to see how a metal roof color will look on my home?

    • Most metal roofing manufacturers offer online tools that allow you to upload a photo of your home and experiment with different metal roof colors. Alternatively, you can request metal roof color samples to see the colors in person.

In conclusion, selecting the right color for your metal roof involves considering your home’s style, surrounding environment, and color scheme. Choose a color that complements these elements and take into account the potential energy efficiency benefits of different colors. Experiment with online tools and color samples to find the perfect color for your metal roof.

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