Discover the Ultimate Guide to Measuring Nipple Jewelry: Achieve the Perfect Fit with These Step-by-Step Tips


Congratulations on making the brave decision to get your nipples pierced! Taking this step requires courage, but now that you’ve done it, it’s time to enhance your piercings with some stunning new jewelry. There is a wide range of styles, sizes, and materials available for nipple piercing jewelry, allowing you to express your unique individuality and personal taste. From simple and elegant to bold and intricate designs, the options are limitless. However, before rushing to purchase your new accessories, it’s essential to ensure that you select the right size for your piercings to avoid discomfort or complications. In this guide, we will show you how to measure your nipple piercing jewelry accurately, making it easier for you to find the perfect fit.

Why Proper Measurement Matters

Before indulging in the excitement of shopping for new nipple piercing jewelry, it is crucial to measure your current jewelry accurately. This step helps determine the correct size, gauge, length, and diameter required for your new pieces. Measuring nipple piercing jewelry is a relatively simple process, and you only need a few basic tools such as a ruler, caliper, or measuring tape. Start by noting down the gauge of your current jewelry, which refers to its thickness. Selecting the right gauge size ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Additionally, measure the length and/or diameter of your current jewelry to ensure you choose new pieces of the correct size. Armed with this information, you can confidently shop for your new nipple piercing jewelry, knowing you have the precise measurements needed for a perfect fit.

Gauge: Determining the Thickness

The gauge size of your nipple piercing jewelry is essential to know. Gauge sizes are typically indicated by a number followed by the abbreviation “g.” For example, 14g is spoken as “fourteen gauge.” Choosing the wrong gauge can unintentionally shrink your piercing channel, making future shopping more challenging. The most common gauge for nipple piercings is 14g, followed by 16g and 12g. The larger the number in front of the “g,” the thinner the jewelry. While it can be confusing when mixing in millimeters, sellers often provide both gauge and millimeter measurements for clarity.

Length: Determining the Correct Size

To determine the length of your nipple piercing barbell and find the appropriate size, use a ruler to measure from inside the ends. If your jewelry has ball ends, measure only the length of the shaft between them, excluding the ends. Apply the same concept to other jewelry types like prong-set opals and forward-facing gemstones. This measurement provides the most accurate length and ensures a comfortable fit. You can add a ¼” or more on each side for some wiggle room if desired. Remember, each nipple piercing may have its own length, so consider ordering different lengths for each nipple.

Diameter: For Hoops and Rings

When measuring for a hoop or ring, the diameter is crucial. It refers to the straight line passing from one side to the other in a circular shape. To measure the diameter of your hoop or captive bead ring, find the inner diameter of your current jewelry piece. Measure only the inside of the hoop or ring for accurate results. This measurement helps you determine the minimum diameter (length) you’ll need to order for a comfortable fit. Additionally, diameter is also used to refer to the size of balls, opals, or gemstones. Measure the side-to-side diameter of your silver ball end to determine its size accurately and shop accordingly for upgrades or replacements.


By learning how to measure your nipple piercing jewelry in terms of gauge, length, and diameter, you take control of your shopping experience. Proper measurement ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your new nipple jewelry. Armed with this knowledge, you can confidently explore the vast array of options available, knowing that you have the correct measurements to find the perfect fit. Enjoy your new nipple piercing journey with confidence and style!

Images sourced from: Maneki Neko

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