Sliding doors have become a popular choice for both homes and businesses due to their space-saving capabilities and aesthetic appeal. With various sliding door systems available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best suited for your space. In this article, we will explore the most popular sliding door systems, their unique qualities, and their functions.

Standard Sliding Door Operation

Standard Sliding door operation

The Standard Barn Door System is one of the most well-known sliding door systems. It involves a single barn door track fixed to the ceiling or wall, allowing the door panel to slide from one side to the other. These systems are not only stylish but also easy to operate, making them ideal for narrow hallways or spaces with limited room for a traditional door. Keep in mind that you will need sufficient wall space for the door to slide open and close properly.

Bi-Part (Double) Sliding Door Operation

Bi-part (double doors) sliding operation

The Bi-Part Sliding Door system is similar to the Standard System, but instead of one door, it features two door slabs that slide away from each other to open and towards each other to close. This type of system is ideal for larger openings such as great rooms, master bedrooms, or offices. It can also be used as a room divider, creating privacy between spaces and dividing a large room. The benefit of this system is that you can operate only one door at a time if necessary, providing flexibility and convenience.

Bypass Sliding Door Operation

Bypass sliding door operation

The Bypass Sliding Door System works differently from the Standard or Bi-Part systems. It utilizes two or more tracks, allowing the doors to slide in front of each other. This system requires less wall space and is ideal for areas with wide doorways but limited wall space. It can be used in closets, offices, bathrooms, or any room where privacy is desired. Bypass Barn Door systems offer a unique rustic look and provide an elegant solution for dividing spaces.

Pocket Door System

Pocket Door System

The Pocket Door System is designed for areas with limited space. Instead of sliding over the wall, the door slabs slide inside a pocket within the wall, completely disappearing from view when open. These systems are perfect for en-suites, bathrooms, walk-in closets, and small bedrooms. Pocket doors not only save valuable floor space but also provide a modern and minimalist design element.

Wall Mount Sliding Door System

Wall mount sliding door operation

The Wall Mounted Sliding Track System is a compact option designed for sliding door applications with tight clearances above the door. It is easy to install and works well in spaces where there is limited room for traditional barn door tracks.

Make Installation Easier with the Easy Mount Track Header

Easy Mount Track Support Header

For all barn door installations without wood blocking on the wall, the use of an Easy Mount Track Header is highly recommended. This custom-cut and custom-finished slab of wood ensures a secure installation and compatibility with RealCraft’s Sliding Hardware Kits.


When choosing a sliding door system, consider the available space, functionality, and design preferences. Whether you opt for the Standard, Bi-Part, Bypass, Pocket, or Wall Mount system, each offers unique features that can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your space. RealCraft offers a wide selection of high-quality sliding door hardware, as well as pocket doors, swing doors, and French doors, allowing you to find the perfect solution for your home or business.

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