Fix Auto Start to Finish: What to Expect at a Collision Center

November 7th, 2019 by Fix Auto USA

how to choose an auto body shop

You’ve found yourself in the unfortunate situation of being involved in an auto collision and now your vehicle requires auto body repairs. If you’ve never needed this type of service before, you may be wondering how to choose an auto body shop. Once you’ve selected a collision center, you’ll likely be curious about what to expect when you arrive.

At Fix Auto, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide an exceptional repair experience. We set ourselves apart from other auto body shops with four key elements that we prioritize:

  • Premier-level customer service
  • Highly trained, certified auto repair technicians
  • A commitment to safe, professional repairs
  • High-tech repair tools, equipment, and processes

Fix Auto collision repair centers are fully equipped to handle a wide range of repairs, from paintless dent removal to glass repair to complete collision repairs. We utilize state-of-the-art auto body equipment, enabling us to effectively repair recent models made with advanced materials like metal alloys. Additionally, our computerized quality control processes ensure that our repairs meet both your expectations and our own.

If you’re unsure about how to choose an auto body shop, here’s what you can expect when you visit Fix Auto.

First visit

We want your first visit to Fix Auto to be a unique experience, unlike any other you’ve had with an auto repair shop. Our aim is to make you feel welcome, relaxed, and confident in our ability to restore your damaged vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

During your visit, we will not only explain the necessary repairs, but also provide a thorough explanation of why they are required. We believe in transparency and will guide you through every step of the repair process, from the moment you hand us the keys to your car until the delivery of your fully repaired vehicle. This includes assistance with filing your insurance claim. We prioritize earning your trust and confidence, and we won’t proceed with any repairs until you fully understand what needs to be done and why.

Complete damage analysis

Unlike many other auto body repair shops, we don’t solely rely on the visible damage to assess your vehicle. At Fix Auto, our first step is to disassemble the obviously damaged areas and perform a comprehensive inspection to identify any underlying damage that may otherwise go unnoticed.

We meticulously document all damage found, using this information to create a repair plan that outlines the necessary repairs. Once the repair plan is completed, we will provide you with a copy and explain all the details, addressing any questions or concerns you may have. We also share the repair plan with your insurance company. Only after they authorize the outlined repair work do we proceed, promptly ordering the required parts to begin fixing your vehicle.

Body department

Our goal for every repair job is to restore your vehicle’s body to its original factory specifications. This is crucial for maintaining the safety and structural integrity of your car, regardless of the extent of the damage.

We want to assure you that the myth suggesting a bent car frame can never be restored to its original condition is false. Using the appropriate equipment, our expert technicians can measure and restore critical repair points back to the original manufacturer’s tolerances, ensuring the integrity of the original structure. If we discover any additional repairs not originally specified in the repair plan, we will seek authorization from both you and your insurance company before proceeding.

With our experience, expertise, and advanced equipment, we have the capability to repair all makes and models of passenger cars and light trucks, including luxury and foreign models. If your vehicle is repairable, you can count on your local Fix Auto location to restore it.

Paint prep

Following the bodywork, the next step involves the preparation and painting of the damaged areas. The preparation and undercoat are as critical as the top coat color, as they determine the durability and longevity of the paint’s finish. We pay meticulous attention to these crucial steps, using high-quality products to achieve exceptional results.

As a testament to our attention to detail, we remove all trim parts to ensure that undamaged areas won’t be affected by overspray. Additionally, we utilize computerized color-matching technology to guarantee that the new paint perfectly matches the existing color of your vehicle.

Refinish process

The refinish process involves applying the top coat of paint. To achieve outstanding results, we move your vehicle to a specialized paint booth designed to replicate the conditions of a factory environment. This dust-free, controlled setting allows us to bake the paint at high temperatures, resulting in a factory-quality finish. We then apply a protective clear coat to provide a showroom gloss to the top coat. Finally, we use specialized equipment to polish the paint, ensuring that the repaired parts match the texture of the undamaged areas.

Vehicle assembly

After the paint process, we proceed with reassembling your vehicle. We take great care to prevent any scratches or chips to the newly painted areas. We meticulously reinstall, adjust, and align all disassembled parts to match adjacent undamaged parts. A thorough inspection of the assembled vehicle is conducted to ensure it meets our high standards for “invisible repairs.”

Final detail

As a final step in our quality control process, we utilize a comprehensive repairs checklist to verify the quality and finish of all the repairs carried out. We meticulously clean all nooks and crannies that may have accumulated dust during the repairs. Your car is now ready to be delivered to you.

Vehicle delivery

But hold on, your journey isn’t over just yet. Before you drive off, our customer service representative will review all the repairs performed and address any questions or concerns you may have. We will provide you with detailed documentation of all the repairs carried out and offer special instructions for the care of your newly repaired vehicle. Most importantly, you will receive a limited-lifetime warranty on all the repairs completed.

How to Choose an Auto Body Shop

When navigating the process of choosing an auto body shop, consider the following factors:

  • Reputation: Look for a shop known for safe and accurate repairs. Check for any awards or professional certifications displayed in the office.
  • Skilled Technicians: Ensure that the shop’s technicians possess the necessary certifications. Repairing modern vehicles requires extensive training and ongoing education.
  • Verified Quality: Look for shops that have been audited by companies like VeriFacts, guaranteeing their ability to consistently deliver high-quality repairs. Look for the VeriFacts quality assurance seal.
  • Superior Customer Service: Consider whether the shop works directly with your insurer to expedite the claims process and whether they keep you informed about the progress of your repairs. Evaluate how the staff treats you, ensuring courtesy and respect.
  • Shop Condition: While repairing vehicles can be messy, it’s important to choose a shop that maintains cleanliness both in the office and in the repair areas. An unclean, cluttered work environment may indicate a lack of attention to detail in other areas.
  • Environmental Commitment: Opt for shops that prioritize sustainability, such as using green parts, implementing waste recovery and raw material recycling, and employing environmentally friendly paint products.

Nobody enjoys having their car repaired, but sometimes it’s necessary. For an auto body repair experience that leaves you smiling and confident in the quality of the repairs, choose Fix Auto.


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