What Is A Condensate Pump & Why Do I Need One?

Condensate pumps play a vital role in collecting and distributing hot water and liquid that result from condensation in heating systems, refrigerated air production, air dehumidifiers, and heat exchangers. In instances where the boiler is relocated to a basement, a condensate pump becomes essential since gravity alone cannot transport the water to a ground-level drainage system.

How Does a Condensate Pump Function?

Intermittently operational, condensate pumps feature a collection tank where condensed liquid accumulates. A float switch activates the pump when the liquid reaches a predetermined level. The condensate is then pumped out until there is sufficient space for further collection. Some pumps have a two-stage switch mechanism. If the liquid rises beyond the first stage due to pump failure or blockage, the second stage engages, resulting in pump shutdown or triggering an alarm. The system functions automatically.

To gain more information about condensate pumps, including FAQs and specifics about the Grundfos Conlift 1 LS Condensate Removal Pump, visit Mr Central Heating. This compact lifting station pump is specifically designed for applications where natural drainage and gravity or backwater level constraints hinder condensate fluid removal. The Grundfos pump is professional-grade, featuring an automatic operation that activates an overflow switch and external alarm when the water level is high. It can also be set to switch off the boiler. The maintenance-free motor, ‘smart balance system’ for easy adjustment, 6m drain hose, and installation adaptors make it an attractive choice. The Grundfos Conlift 1 LS comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty, and the Grundfos website offers a complete installation and operation guide.

Condensate pump

To view a range of condensate pumps, refer to our collection here. Additionally, we have a specifically designed plastic boiler condensate pump kit in stock, complete with a soakaway waste pipe. This kit allows for the safe movement of acidic waste water into a foul drain, accommodating various used water sources. In instances where direct removal to a designated foul drain is not an option, the waste can be directed into a soakaway containing lime chippings to neutralize its acidity. Please note that condensing boiler condensate is acidic, with a pH between 3 and 4, and requires a drain waste pipe during operation to prevent exhaust gases from being released into the building. We also stock a bulk supply of 21.5mm x 3-meter white, grey, or black condensate pipes with single solvent weld fittings.

In addition to the condensate pump, Mr Central Heating offers a 100-piece overflow/condensate fittings bundle, perfect for trade purchasers. This bundle includes 50 overflow/condense 90-degree elbows, 20 overflow/condense straight couplers, and 30 overflow/condense 45-degree elbows, as well as various other pipe fittings. Whether you need bathroom taps, kitchen sinks, hot water cylinders, water heaters, or booster pumps, you can conveniently shop online at Mr Central Heating or visit one of our stores.

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