Choosing a confirmation sponsor is an integral part of preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. However, many Catholics are unsure about the responsibilities and role of a sponsor. In a recent episode of The Patrick Madrid Show, a listener named Ben sought advice on how to be a good Confirmation sponsor for his nephew. This article aims to shed light on the role of a sponsor and provide guidance on how to fulfill this important commitment.

Understanding the Role of a Sponsor

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church (paragraph #1309), candidates for Confirmation seek the spiritual assistance of a sponsor, just as they do for Baptism. The unity of these two sacraments is emphasized by the recommendation that the sponsor be one of the baptismal godparents. Therefore, if you are asked to be a Confirmation sponsor, you are taking on a role similar to that of a godparent.

Lifelong Commitment to Spiritual Guidance

Being a sponsor entails a lifelong commitment to supporting the spiritual growth of the confirmandi. Similar to a godparent, you are responsible for helping the individual develop a strong and mature Catholic faith throughout their life. As Patrick Madrid, the host of The Patrick Madrid Show, explains, your aim is to assist the child or adult in becoming a faithful Catholic.

Active Participation in Sacramental Preparation

Unlike the role of a godparent during infant baptism, a Confirmation sponsor can actively participate in preparing the individual for the sacrament. By engaging in the sacramental preparation process, you can ensure that the confirmandi is adequately prepared and ready to receive the sacrament when the time comes. This active involvement will establish a solid foundation for their faith journey.

Practical Steps as a Sponsor

Patrick Madrid suggests several practical steps you can take as a Confirmation sponsor. First, inquire about the core classes the confirmandi is taking in preparation for Confirmation. If possible, participate in these classes or follow up with discussions about what they have learned. By asking questions and providing additional information, you can help deepen their understanding.

Maintaining regular communication and monitoring the progress of the confirmandi is essential. Ask them if they comprehend the significance of Confirmation and if they fully grasp its meaning. This ongoing dialogue will demonstrate your commitment and support throughout their preparation journey.

Continual Spiritual Guidance

Your role as a Confirmation sponsor extends beyond the sacrament itself. You are expected to provide ongoing spiritual guidance to the confirmandi. This includes praying for them and assisting in their spiritual growth throughout their life. By being a constant source of support, you contribute significantly to their journey of faith.

Additional Resources for Confirmation Preparation

To enrich the confirmandi’s knowledge and love for the Catholic faith, Patrick Madrid recommends utilizing available resources. One valuable resource is “Aquinas 101,” a series of YouTube videos created by The Thomistic Institute, run by the Dominican Friars of the Eastern Province. These videos explore St. Thomas’s teachings on the sacraments, including Confirmation. Patrick suggests watching these videos together to deepen both of your understandings.


Being a Confirmation sponsor is a meaningful commitment that involves providing spiritual guidance and support to the confirmandi. By actively participating in the sacramental preparation, maintaining open communication, and continuously nurturing their faith, you play a vital role in their spiritual journey. Utilize the available resources to enhance their understanding and ensure they are prepared to receive the sacrament of Confirmation.

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