22 Types Of Witches And Their Craft: Which Witch Are You?

What is a Witch?

Witches and witchcraft have experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past few decades, along with other ancient practices like moon rituals and astrology. However, the word “witch” carries a wide range of meanings, aesthetics, practices, and magical beliefs. So, how do you determine which path to choose?

Embracing the Essence of Witchcraft

Before exploring the different types of witches, it’s important to understand the true essence of witchcraft. Contrary to popular stereotypes perpetuated by books and movies, witches are not green-faced women cackling over cauldrons and practicing black magic. In reality, a witch is an untamed, unapologetic, sovereign woman rooted in her power. She lives and works in harmony with nature and the divine, utilizing her inner magic to navigate, create, and manifest in both the subtle and physical realms. A witch lives life on her own terms, reclaiming her power and embracing her true self.

A Dark History and Its Impact

The twisted view of witchcraft emerged during the rise of Christianity, fueled by fear and superstition. The publication of “The Hammer of The Witches” and the Bible’s influence led to the mass persecution and execution of women accused of witchcraft. Millions of women, labeled as witches due to their knowledge of herbs, ownership of cats, or ability to predict the future, were tortured and murdered. This dark history is often overlooked, but it continues to affect certain cultures today.

Breaking Free: The Modern Witch

Luckily, times have changed. The modern-day witch is not confined to any specific tradition or ancestral line. Witchcraft is accessible to everyone, regardless of background or experience. Whether you enjoy incorporating crystals into your rituals, practicing divination through tarot cards or oracle readings, or connecting with nature through kitchen witchcraft, you are just as much of a witch as anyone else. The power lies in your intention and connection to the divine.

Exploring Different Paths

With countless paths to choose from, it’s essential to find the right type of witchcraft that resonates with your soul. Here are 22 types of witches to consider:

1. Traditional Witch (or Folk Witch or Hereditary Witch)

A traditional witch practices the ancient magic passed down through generations, often rooted in their ancestral lineage and local community. They draw on ancient knowledge of spells, herbs, and local customs while incorporating modern tools and ideas.

2. Baby Witch

A baby witch is someone new to witchcraft, still exploring and experimenting with different practices to find their path.

3. Kitchen Witch

Kitchen witchcraft involves infusing everyday household activities, especially cooking, with sacredness and magic. The kitchen becomes their altar, and ingredients and recipes become their tools and spells.

4. Green Witch

Green witches have a deep connection with nature, drawing their power and spell ingredients from plants, flowers, and herbs. They thrive outdoors, tending to gardens and living in harmony with the natural world.

5. Hedge Witch

Hedge witches focus on working with nature, elements, herbs, and crafts to create healing remedies. They often practice alone and may possess skills in herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

6. Sea Witch

Sea witches have a deep connection to the ocean and its associated elements. They incorporate shells, seawater, and driftwood into their spells and embrace the power of water in their practice.

7. Wiccan Witch

Wicca is a modern religion based on nature and witchcraft traditions. Wiccans celebrate the cycle of life, known as the Wheel of the Year, through festivals and rituals. They worship a Goddess and God, emphasizing love and respect for the Earth.

8. Eclectic Witch

Eclectic witches draw inspiration from various types of witchcraft, selecting practices, beliefs, and rituals that resonate with them. They create their own unique blend of magic.

9. Crystal Witch

Crystal witches work with crystals, stones, rocks, and gems to amplify energy and manifest their desires. They have a deep understanding of auras and often have extensive crystal collections.

10. Cosmic Witch

Cosmic witches derive their power from the stars and closely follow astrology and astronomy. They use celestial knowledge to better understand themselves and navigate life.

11. Lunar Witch

Lunar witches focus on the moon’s phases and the feminine energy it represents. They perform rituals aligned with each stage of the moon cycle and harness its power.

12. Divination Witch

Divination witches specialize in predicting the future and use various tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, and palm reading to gain insights.

13. Gypsy Witch

Gypsy witches come from a lineage of Romani Gypsies and combine rituals, divination, and herb work in their craft. They honor their heritage and embrace the practices of wise women.

14. Celtic Witch

Celtic witches honor their Celtic lineage and draw on pre-Christian religious and mythological traditions. They focus on nature, the elements, and participate in individual and group rituals.

15. Elemental Witch

Elemental witches work with the four elements—earth, water, fire, and air—and sometimes even a fifth element, spirit. They form a deep connection with each element and draw energy and power from them.

16. Coven Witch

Coven witches practice their craft within a community of witches, combining their magic and power to cast stronger spells and manifest collective intentions. They engage in sacred ceremonies and rituals as a group.

17. Solitary Witch

Solitary witches prefer to work alone and develop their own magical practices and rituals. They have complete control over their craft and create their own rules.

18. Bruja Witch

Bruja witches originate from Hispanic healers. They blend various rituals, cleansings, divination, and energy work in their craft, incorporating herbs, spices, and natural elements.

19. Faery Witch

Faery witches blend Wiccan witchcraft with Irish mythology and Celtic religion. They often practice in natural settings, drawing power from the forest, lakes, and springs.

20. Shamana Witch

Shamana witches are female shamans or medicine women. They utilize drumming, dancing, and plants to enter altered states of consciousness and perform healing rituals and ceremonies.

21. Hearth Witch (or Cottage Witch)

Hearth witches focus on making a house a home, infusing it with magic and sacredness. They specialize in various crafts, including candle making, soap making, and creating a cozy atmosphere.

22. Dianic Witch

Dianic witches worship the Roman Goddess Diana and embrace the divine feminine. They focus on the Maiden, Mother, Crone triad and work to counter women’s oppression through their craft.

Find Your Path

Remember, being a witch is not solely about magical powers, spells, and rituals. It’s about embracing your deep soul and personal beliefs. As you explore these different types of witches, listen to your intuition and discover which resonates with your soul. There are no limitations or rules—your journey as a witch is entirely yours to shape.

Which path speaks to your soul? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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