The Origins of the Cuban Link Chain & Why It’s Loved

As the world of hip hop has evolved, so too has its signature style. From baggy jeans to skinny pants, one fashion statement has remained a constant: the iconic rapper chains, specifically the Cuban link chain. But where did it all begin? And why is it still beloved today?

What Are Cuban Link Chains?

If you’re new to the world of hip hop jewelry, you may be wondering what exactly a Cuban link chain is. It’s a style of chain that features oval-shaped interconnected links. This style has become one of the most popular choices in the gold chain game.

Though it’s uncertain whether this necklace originated in Cuba, it gained popularity in Miami, particularly in areas with a high Cuban population.

The Birth of a Style

The Cuban link style rose to fame in the 1970s alongside the emergence of hip hop. While it’s challenging to pinpoint its exact origin, it became a mainstream piece of hip hop attire during this time. As hip hop artists gained mainstream recognition, the Cuban link chain became a vital part of their swagger.

Other chain designs also gained popularity, such as the rope chain and the Jesus piece. However, the Cuban link chain remained a staple in the hip hop scene, with artists putting their own spin on this classic style.

How to Rock a Cuban Link Chain

There are several ways to showcase your Cuban link chain:


Let the chain speak for itself by wearing it without a pendant. This style looks best with thicker links. For an extra touch, try layering the chain with thinner ones of varying sizes.

With a Pendant

Cuban link chains are versatile and can be worn with or without a pendant. These chains are usually strong and thick, making it easy to add a large, heavy pendant. Experiment with different sizes, metals, and thicknesses to elevate your chain game.

Iced Out

For maximum bling, opt for the iced-out version of the Cuban link chain. Add sparkling diamonds to your chain for a truly eye-catching look. Choose between yellow and white gold to complement the diamonds and elevate your style.

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