The Benefits of a Curbless Shower

Design: Michelle Dirkse

We’re taking a bold step with our new master bath shower by going curbless. The topic has generated a lot of interest and raised many questions. So, what exactly does “curbless” mean? A curbless shower is simply a shower without a curb or threshold, seamlessly blending the bathroom floor and shower floor. In other words, the bathroom floor tiles continue uninterrupted into the shower space without any dividers. The appeal of a curbless shower lies not only in its aesthetic appeal but also in its practical features.

Benefits of a Curbless Shower

One of the most significant advantages is the visual impact. We love how it creates a continuous flow from the bathroom floor. Pairing the continuous floor tile with trackless glass enhances the sense of openness, as exemplified in the stunning bathroom below.

Design By: Sam Sacks

Easier access is another benefit. Although curbless showers are often seen without doors, we have chosen to install glass enclosures to prevent water splashing while maintaining the seamless design.

Moreover, eliminating the curb reduces tripping hazards. Wet tiles are inherently slippery, and stubbing toes should not be an additional concern when entering or exiting the shower.

Cleaning a curbless shower is also a breeze. The seamless design leaves fewer hiding spots for mildew and grime accumulation. Less cleaning is always a plus!

Cost Considerations

Cost is a valid concern when it comes to deciding on a curbless shower. On average, you can expect to spend an additional $700-900 compared to a regular tile shower. Factors like labor and the flooring system contribute to this price difference, with most of the cost incurred during the initial purchase. The amount of tile required should be similar in both cases.

Installation Process

The installation process for a curbless shower differs from that of a regular tile shower, primarily in the flooring aspect. The shower floor needs structural adjustments to accommodate the slope. A waterproof membrane or pan is then installed to align with the cement fiber board outside the shower. This allows for a seamless continuation of the bathroom floor tile into the shower space.

Update on Our Experience

Since originally writing this article, we have completed our new house and moved in. We’re thrilled to report that we did choose a curbless shower, and we absolutely love it!

Design: Eat.Bathe.Live

Our favorite aspect is the seamless flow of the mosaic tile floor right into the shower. Additionally, cleaning is a breeze. Traditional tiled shower curbs often accumulate soap scum in corners and crevices, but with a curbless shower, we no longer need to worry about that!

In conclusion, was it worth the extra cost? We wholeheartedly believe so! The benefits of a curbless shower in terms of aesthetics, accessibility, and cleanliness outweigh the additional investment.


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