InSinkErator® SinkTop Switch: Air Switch for Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Air Switch

The kitchen’s garbage disposal has revolutionized the after-meal cleanup process, making it much more convenient and efficient. However, there is one common issue that hampers its functionality – the location of the disposal’s on and off switch. Many kitchen designs have it placed in inconvenient locations, such as wall mounts that are out of reach or cabinets that are hard to access. This problem is particularly prevalent in kitchens with sinks set in islands.

A Convenient Solution: InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switch

InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switch

Thankfully, there is an innovative solution available – the InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switch, developed by Emerson, the manufacturer of top brand InSinkErator garbage disposals. Installing this switch not only greatly improves the convenience of kitchen cleanup but also enhances safety and sanitation in the kitchen.

Enhancing Safety and Convenience

Safe and Convenient

Operating a garbage disposal involves electricity and water, which can be a hazardous combination. With the InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switch, the risk of electrical shock is minimized. Wet hands reaching for the switch are no longer a concern as the switch buttons are installed flush with the counter and sealed to prevent water and food from entering. This design eliminates the need for electronic components, ensuring worry-free usage.

When the button is pressed, a burst of air is transmitted through a tube, activating the garbage disposal’s electrical on/off switch. The simplicity and effectiveness of this design make using the InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switch a breeze.

Expert Installation and Quality Assurance

At Andy’s Pipe Dream, our expert plumbing technicians are well-versed in installing the InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switch. We ensure proper placement on the counter, right next to your kitchen sink. Our team understands the importance of quality in plumbing solutions, as inferior garbage disposals can not only ruin the kitchen experience but also pose risks to plumbing and septic systems.

We proudly recommend InSinkErator brand products due to their reliability and solid warranties. Not only are they trustworthy, but they are also manufactured in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality.

Elevating Kitchen Experience

InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switches are available in 12 different finishes and various design styles, making it effortless to match your existing kitchen decor. Whether you’re constructing a new kitchen, undergoing a remodel, or simply need an installation, InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switches guarantee an easier and more enjoyable kitchen experience.

With the InSinkErator SinkTop Air Switch, say goodbye to inconvenient switch placements and hello to a seamless and efficient garbage disposal experience.

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