Gator Lending With Pace Morby Review


Pace Morby’s Gator Method is all about finding opportunities to participate in other people’s deals and securing a piece of the pie. Whether it’s through assigning contracts, partnering in fix and flip projects, or sharing in the equity or cash flow, the possibilities are endless. Initially, Pace used this method to assist wholesalers in finding buyers and evaluating deals. Over time, it evolved, encompassing various ways to get involved and earn.

Exploring Gator Lending

There are numerous avenues to explore within the Gator Method. You can provide support with paperwork, act as a representative for someone in a transaction (depending on the state regulations), or engage in transactional funding, also known as double closing. The list goes on and on, offering multiple opportunities to carve out a portion of every deal’s success. Consider it similar to being an affiliate, where you earn a commission for promoting someone else’s product or service.

Pace explains, “I frequently have people approach me with deals where they need money for a short period, say 30 days. They ask for $500,000, and I gather a group of five individuals, each contributing approximately $100,000, to lend the money to the person in need. The best part is, I don’t need to put down $100,000 of my own; I simply bring together five people with the required funds. By doing so, I make around $25,000 for facilitating the deal.”

“Does that make sense?” Pace asks. “I actually end up making more money than the lenders themselves because I structure a joint venture agreement. I understand this is a larger transaction, which can be intimidating for some. However, you can start small and gradually work your way up to these types of deals. That’s why I strongly encourage everyone to establish an LLC, open a line of credit, and position themselves to participate in bigger opportunities like this. It’s akin to gator wrestling, in a way.”

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In this scenario, Pace didn’t need to find the deal, handle the transaction, manage contractors, sell the property, or negotiate with buyers. He simply had to bring the right resources to the table and structure the deal properly. There are countless ways to monetize your involvement, such as earning points, a share of the flip’s returns, equity, cash flow, ownership, or a hybrid arrangement.

“I know how to assemble these resources, bring them to the table, and execute the deal successfully,” Pace emphasizes. “I go out there, wrestle those gators, and ensure they receive a portion while negotiating a share for myself. By applying the Gator Method, I can generate $20- to $30 million in assets this year without directly interacting with sellers or investing my own money. That’s the power of this training.”

You may find Pace’s approach appealing, as he effortlessly presents the concept. It seems so simple, and you might think, “I never would have thought of that!” But reality sets in, and you realize you aren’t Pace Morby. You don’t wear a peace sign hat, have thousands of students, a massive online following, a TV show on A&E, or connections with other real estate experts. It’s true; you may not have any gators to wrestle.

Online Real Estate: Embracing Realistic Opportunities

With the growing prominence of online real estate, it’s crucial to explore realistic opportunities that suit your circumstances. Building your presence in the digital world allows you to connect with potential buyers, sellers, and partners. By leveraging technology and digital marketing strategies, you can expand your reach and make a significant impact in the industry, regardless of whether you have gators to wrestle or not.

In conclusion, the Gator Method offers a unique approach to lending and participating in real estate deals. It requires resourcefulness, strategic thinking, and the ability to structure win-win arrangements. While it may not be feasible for everyone to replicate Pace Morby’s success, applying similar principles within your own context can lead to fruitful outcomes in the ever-evolving real estate landscape.

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