Are Get Back Whips Legal? Everything You Should Know

If you’ve ever attended a motorcycle rally, you might have noticed some vendors selling custom-made braided leather or paracord whip-like objects that attach to the clutch or brake levers of motorcycles. These decorative accessories not only make your motorcycle stand out but also have a fascinating history. But before you rush to add one to your bike, it’s important to know the legal aspects and the value they bring.

The History and Purpose of Get Back Whips

Get back whips, also known as wind whips, have been around since the 1970s. Originally, motorcycle club members created them using dyed leather to match their club’s colors. However, these braided leather cords served a dual purpose. Besides their decorative role, they could be detached and used as weapons. This led to their nickname “get-back whips.”

Why Riders Choose Get Back Whips

While the original purpose of get back whips as weapons is no longer relevant, many riders still use them for various non-violent reasons. Some motorcyclists appreciate the decorative and customized look they add to their bikes. They also offer an opportunity to display club colors or honor the memory of a loved one. Moreover, the fringes blowing in the wind can enhance visibility, increasing safety on the road.

Legal Implications of Get Back Whips

It’s crucial to consider the legal aspects before adding a get back whip to your motorcycle. While there are no specific laws regarding these accessories, their detachability can raise concerns. Some states classify whips as weapons, and their use and possession may be illegal. However, it’s important to note that the interpretation of these laws can vary. For example, in California, having a metal clip attached to a braided leather strap might be seen as a potential weapon. It’s advisable to have the whip permanently braided onto the brake or clutch lever to avoid unnecessary complications.

Making Your Own Get Back Whip

If you decide to make your own get back whip, ensure you comply with local regulations. Measure the length carefully to avoid any interference with the motorcycle’s operation. There are numerous online resources and videos providing detailed instructions on creating a get back whip. Typically, you’ll need 27 to 50 feet of paracord or leather, depending on the desired finished length.

Recommendations for Get Back Whips

Based on extensive research and experience, we have compiled a list of the best get back whips available on the market. These recommendations offer a combination of quality and affordability, ensuring you make a wise choice.

Final Thoughts on Get Back Whips

In conclusion, while there are no specific laws against using braided leather or paracord as a decoration for motorcycles, the detachability of get back whips can potentially lead to legal issues in certain locations. It’s essential to research and understand the laws in your area. Additionally, consider safety concerns and ensure the length of the whip does not interfere with your ability to ride safely. Ultimately, choose a get back whip that enhances the aesthetic appeal of your motorcycle without compromising your well-being.

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