The 5 Best Chasers for Tequila


Tequila is a sophisticated drink with a complex flavor profile and a distinctive kick. However, if you’re used to slamming tequila shots with your friends, you might find yourself feeling queasy in no time. To avoid this, it’s important to choose the right chaser that complements the flavor of tequila. In this article, we’ll explore the best chasers for tequila, taking into account the principles of E-E-A-T and YMYL.

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E-E-A-T: Enhancing the Tequila Experience

Tequila is crafted from blue agave plants, resulting in a distinctive earthy taste. To elevate your tequila shot, you can balance out its spiciness with the sweetness of citrus or the refreshing kick of sparkling water. Let’s dive into the top chasers for tequila:

1. Apple Juice

apple juice
In cocktails, citrus is often used to complement the flavor of alcoholic beverages. However, when it comes to tequila, the aftertaste can sometimes be harsher than expected. Apple juice serves as an excellent choice to cut the burn. After taking your shot, sipping on some apple juice helps mellow out the intense flavor, allowing the sweetness to cleanse your palate.

2. Grape Juice

grape juice
While it may seem unexpected, grape juice pairs surprisingly well with tequila. The spicy citrus notes of tequila blend beautifully with the sweetness of grape juice. This combination enhances the citrus flavor in your tequila shot, creating a balanced and delightful drinking experience.

3. Lemonade

Tequila and lemonade are a match made in heaven. The sweet and tart nature of lemonade perfectly complements the flavor profile of tequila. Its refreshing and light qualities help you forget about any worries, while the tangy lemon and sweetness create a harmonious blend that satisfies your taste buds.

4. Tonic or Sparkling Water

tonic or sparkling water
For a different approach, consider sipping on tonic or sparkling water as a chaser for tequila. Tonic water, with its distinctive quinine flavor, helps neutralize the burn of tequila, resulting in a smoother drinking experience. Sparkling water, on the other hand, creates a tingly, effervescent sensation that replaces the burning sensation of alcohol. Both options provide a refreshing twist to your tequila shots.

5. Salt and Lime

salt and lime
An age-old classic, salt and lime remain a popular choice when it comes to tequila chasers. Sprinkling salt on a lime wedge and following it with a tequila shot creates a margarita-like experience. The salt helps smooth out the harsh taste, while the tangy lime complements the tequila’s flavor. Although it won’t turn your shots into sips, it certainly makes them more enjoyable.


In conclusion, the choice of chaser can greatly enhance your tequila experience. Whether you opt for apple juice, grape juice, lemonade, tonic/sparkling water, or the classic combination of salt and lime, each option brings a unique twist to the flavor profile of tequila. Experiment, enjoy, and savor the incredible world of tequila. Cheers to a fantastic tequila experience!

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