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Are you looking for the key to scoring well in the SSAT? In this article, we will explore the essential factors that contribute to success in this standardized test. Whether you are a boy or a girl, we will provide you with the necessary information to achieve your desired score on the verbal section. Let’s dive in!

SSAT Raw to Percentile Scores Calculator – Female 8th Grade

8th grade girls raw to percentile charts

99% Verbal Score Cutoff for Girls

To obtain the gold standard of SSAT scores, girls need to achieve a raw score of 50 or above. This means either answering 50 questions correctly without any mistakes or getting more than 50 questions correct with only a few incorrect answers. Let’s illustrate this with a couple of examples:

Example #1:

If you answer all 60 questions but get 10 wrong, your gross raw score of 50 will be deducted by 2.5 points, resulting in a final score of 47.5. This will place you in the percentile range of 96% to 99%.

Example #2:

To minimize the impact of incorrect answers, you may choose to omit questions. Let’s say you answer 54 out of the 60 questions, with 51 correct and 3 incorrect. The 3 incorrect answers will be multiplied by 0.25, reducing your gross total to 50.25. This will give you a 99% percentile on the SSAT verbal section.

How about a 90% SSAT Verbal Score?

To achieve a score in the top 10% of SSAT takers, girls need to obtain a raw score of at least 40. This can be achieved by answering 50 questions, with 8 incorrect. The 8 incorrect answers will result in a deduction of 2 raw points, bringing your final score to 40. Remember to skip questions that you know you would answer imprecisely.

Or an 80% Percentile?

For girls in the 8th grade aiming for the 80% percentile, a raw score of around 33 or 34 is required. To achieve this, you would either need to answer the remaining questions perfectly after skipping the ones you felt uncertain about, or score enough correct answers to compensate for any incorrect ones and maintain a score of 33 or 34.

SSAT Raw to Percentile Scores Calculator – Male 8th Grade

For boys, achieving a similar raw score may result in a lower percentile. However, it is important to note that this does not imply boys are smarter or better at the SSAT. Various factors can contribute to these differences, such as training or support.

99% Verbal Score Cutoff for Boys

Boys taking the SSAT must aim to achieve a raw score of 55 or above to reach the 99% percentile. This indicates the need for greater accuracy and precision in choosing which questions to answer and which ones to skip. While some boys may score higher percentiles despite the higher cutoff, overall results suggest a higher level of precision is required.

8th grade raw to percentile charts - boys

What if our boy is aiming for a 90% SSAT Verbal Score?

To achieve a score in the 90% percentile, male students should aim for a raw score slightly higher than 40. A raw score of 41 or above typically corresponds to approximately the top 10% percentiles.

If a male 8th grader answers 50 questions, omitting 10 and getting 7 incorrect answers, their approximate percentile on the verbal section will be 90%. With a final raw score of 41.25 (after deducting 1.75 for the incorrect answers), they would reach the desired percentile.

An 80% Percentile?

To reach the 80% percentile, boys need to obtain a raw score of at least 35, slightly higher than the 33-34 range for girls. There are several combinations of correct and omitted answers that can result in a 35 raw point score. For example, answering 35 questions correctly while omitting 25, or answering 55 questions, omitting 5, and missing 16.

How many correct answers should we aim for on the Verbal section of the SSAT?

For an 80% Percentile

As you can see, there is a wide range of raw scores for achieving the 80% percentile. Girls or boys can aim for as few as 33-35 correct answers, but precision is crucial in the remaining questions they choose to omit. If they decide to answer all or most of the questions, they must maintain a high accuracy rate to prevent their score from dropping below 33-35.

For a 90% Percentile

For girls, a raw score of 40 or higher is needed, while boys require a slightly higher score. The specific combinations of correct and incorrect answers vary, so it ultimately depends on the test-taker’s strategy.

And for the Perfect 99% Percentile

For female 8th graders, a raw score of 50 is the benchmark, while boys must aim for 55. Achieving these scores on the verbal section of the SSAT is highly competitive for male test-takers.

Why care about such high scores?

Top boarding schools, both nationally and globally, often require these exceptional scores. For example, the prestigious Hotchkiss School lists an 85% percentile or higher as a requirement for admission. By understanding the requirements and strategies shared in this article, you can better prepare your students for success.

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Note: All score estimations mentioned in this article are based on data provided by the Secondary School Admission Test Board in their 2011-2012 Interpretive Guide to the SSAT. This guide contains the largest available dataset, covering test results from August 2008 to July 2011. Please note that scores may have changed due to increased competition. The information provided is strictly for informational purposes and does not guarantee future test results on the SSAT.

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