What Makes a Song Good? [5 Great Song Tips for Songwriters]


Have you ever experienced the power of a truly amazing song? The kind that touches your soul and leaves a lasting impact? Great songs have the ability to stay with us for a lifetime. But what exactly makes a song good? In this article, we will explore five essential factors that contribute to the greatness of a song.

1) An Unforgettable Chorus Hook/Melody

The cornerstone of a great song is often its chorus hook or melody. It is the part of the song that people remember and sing along to. To create a memorable song, you should focus your efforts on crafting an incredible chorus. While the chorus is typically where the hook is found, it doesn’t have to be limited to that section. Some of the best hooks are musical riffs that stand on their own but become even more powerful when combined with vocals, just like Rick James’ “Super Freak.”

2) A Strong Emotional Connection

A song that resonates emotionally with its listeners is bound to be considered good, regardless of what critics or friends may say. Music is meant to connect with us on a deep level, and if a song touches our hearts, it holds its own value. As a songwriter, you have the power to infuse your songs with different emotions, from joy to sadness to empowerment. The key is to channel your own emotions into the music and create a cohesive experience for the listeners.

3) Excellent Production Values

Beyond the emotional connection, the production values of a song play a crucial role in its quality. Good production can elevate a song from average to great. Pay attention to the sound, mixing, and overall quality of your music. The Beatles, for example, transformed their songs through meticulous studio work, creating memorable productions like “A Day in the Life.” In today’s music landscape, genres like hip-hop and EDM have pushed the boundaries of production, showcasing the importance of staying current and innovative.

4) Memorable and Unique Lyrics

Lyrics are a fundamental component of any song. Great songs often have lyrics that stick with us long after the music ends. While simple and repetitive lyrics can be catchy, intricate and thought-provoking lyrics can also leave a lasting impression. Finding the right balance is key. Explore different types of wordplay, sound devices, and rhymes to make your lyrics interesting and engaging.

5) The Element of Surprise

To make your song unforgettable, consider incorporating an element of surprise. Lady Gaga’s unconventional fashion choices or Nirvana’s subtle syncopation in “Smells Like Teen Spirit” are prime examples of unexpected elements that set songs apart. Think outside the box and find ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd. Whether it’s through song structure, music, lyrics, or even marketing, embracing uniqueness can make your song stand out.


Writing great songs is a challenging endeavor. It requires a combination of skill, creativity, and a deep understanding of the elements that make a song resonate with listeners. By focusing on crafting an unforgettable chorus, establishing an emotional connection, prioritizing production values, creating memorable lyrics, and incorporating surprise, you increase your chances of writing a truly remarkable song. Remember, greatness is subjective, but by consistently honing your songwriting skills, you are setting yourself up for success. So keep writing, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of what makes a song truly great.

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