When God Sends a Kindred Spirit

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!”~ Luke 1:45

Have you ever experienced that instant connection with someone, as if your souls were meant to meet? It’s a beautiful experience, and it’s as if God Himself orchestrates these encounters. In this article, we’ll explore the concept of kindred spirits and the profound impact they can have on our lives.

The Heart’s Tremor in the Presence of Destiny

As I entered the social hall of our church, holding my new Women’s Devotional Bible, my heart raced with anticipation. It was my first step into diving deeper into my faith, and I chose to start by learning about the history of the Bible. Sitting down at a table, fear gripped me. What if I had to look something up in my Bible? The panic threatened to send me running back to my car.

Reflecting on this moment, I couldn’t help but wonder if Mary, the mother of Jesus, felt a similar overwhelming fear when the angel told her she would conceive a son by the Holy Spirit. In her uncertainty, she sought solace in the company of her cousin, Elizabeth. Mary’s encounter with Elizabeth serves as a powerful reminder of the tender heart of God.

The Divine Connection: A Kindred Spirit

God didn’t just send any woman to comfort Mary; He sent her a kindred spirit. Elizabeth, too, had experienced the miraculous hand of God in an unexpected pregnancy. She understood Mary’s circumstances, fears, and the extraordinary favor of the Most High on their lives. God knew that a young, frightened girl needed the support and understanding of an older confidant.

Have you ever met someone and instantly felt your souls connect? I had a similar experience that evening in our church social hall. God introduced me to Barbara, a remarkable woman with a beautiful heart. In her, I found a kindred spirit. Barbara saw something in me that I couldn’t comprehend at the time. Our souls intertwined, and she became a source of love, encouragement, and support.

Nurturing Purpose and Challenging Limitations

Throughout the years, Barbara poured her wisdom into my tender heart, urging me to embrace my gifts. She was the first person who believed in my writing abilities, long before I acknowledged them myself. She gifted me a journal, encouraging me to write. Her words and actions challenged me to push beyond my limitations and trust in the immense power of God.

Kindred souls affirm our purpose and challenge us to grow. They walk beside us through laughter and tears, joy and sorrow, wholeness, and brokenness. Together, we embark on a profound journey of faith, enriched by the presence of someone who truly understands and supports us.

Speaking Blessings and Purpose

Ultimately, kindred souls speak blessings and purpose over our lives. They recognize the unique gifts and callings within us, even before we see them ourselves. Their presence is a testament to God’s divine orchestration and His desire for us to experience meaningful connections.

If you haven’t yet encountered a kindred sister in your life, I encourage you to pray for one. Trust in God’s timing, for He knows the perfect person to bring into your life. Kindred spirits have the power to transform our journeys and enrich our lives in ways we never thought possible.

The beauty of God’s design lies in the connections He orchestrates. Kindred spirits, sent by God, are a testament to His love, guidance, and desire to see us flourish. Embrace the power of these divine encounters and cherish the kindred spirits that come into your life.

May you be blessed with kindred souls who walk alongside you on your journey of faith.

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