What Comes In A Mattress Set?

A mattress set consists of a mattress accompanied by its own box spring. While it is possible to purchase a mattress without a box spring, there are several factors to consider before making that decision. Opting for a support system to accompany your mattress offers several advantages. Not only will the mattress manufacturer be more willing to provide a warranty, but the mattress itself is likely to have a longer lifespan, ultimately leading to improved sleep quality.

Components of a Mattress Set

Example of Steel Box Spring

Typically, a coil-based mattress requires a firm support system beneath it to facilitate better sleep. This support system is the box spring, which consists of coils enclosed within a wooden frame. This frame is then covered with fabric that resembles the mattress material. Traditionally, a mattress can fit inside metal frames, which serve as an alternative to a box spring. These support systems function similarly to box springs. Some mattress sets may include a bed foundation in place of a box spring. While the bed frame is not included in the mattress set, it may be available at a discounted price when purchased together.

Essentially, a mattress set comprises two parts:

  1. The mattress
  2. The accompanying box spring set

This combination can also be referred to as a “mattress and box spring set.” In some cases, a third part may be added in the form of a bed base or frame, which provides additional support for the mattress set. The box spring serves as the foundation for the mattress.

Types of Mattresses

The market offers various types of mattresses. Innerspring mattresses, a traditional yet popular option, consist of coiled springs intertwined and covered with memory foam for added cushioning. Higher-quality innerspring mattresses have a denser coil structure. While innerspring mattresses tend to be firmer, they are also more affordable compared to other types. Memory foam mattresses, on the other hand, conform to your body, offering a more accommodating sleeping surface. A good-quality memory foam mattress is typically ten inches thick or thicker. Keep in mind that memory foam mattresses tend to be heavier. Latex mattresses, which utilize latex instead of memory foam, are hypoallergenic. Only individuals with severe allergies may have reactions to latex mattresses. Additionally, latex mattresses provide cooler sleeping temperatures but come with a higher price tag.

What Comes In A Mattress Set?

Types of Box Springs

There are two types of box springs available: single box springs and split box springs. A split box spring comprises two separate pieces designed to be placed side by side. Split box springs are easier to ship and deliver, passing through doors, stairways, and hallways with greater ease. However, they are generally more expensive than regular foundations, so it is advisable to opt for this option only when necessary. King-size mattresses typically require split box springs due to their larger size, while queen-size mattresses can accommodate either a regular or split box spring.

For a slideshow video showcasing different box spring and mattress combinations, watch the following:

Mattress Sets and Warranties

Some mattress providers require that their mattresses be placed on top of a box spring or another supportive foundation. Failure to meet this condition may result in the warranty being voided. Additionally, the warranty may specify the particular box spring that was included with the mattress set. This requirement is in place to prevent users from using an old box spring with a new mattress, as an old box spring may not provide adequate support. Therefore, it is crucial to read and understand the setup instructions provided with your mattress before making a purchase.

When to Forego a Mattress Set

Purchasing only a mattress, without the accompanying box spring or foundation, is acceptable if you plan to use the mattress on a platform bed. A platform bed offers sufficient support for the mattress, making the additional support unnecessary. In such cases, purchasing the mattress alone may be more cost-effective, especially if it does not include the foundation and you already have a suitable platform bed in place. However, it is essential to review the warranty terms and conditions specific to your mattress. Some manufacturers have developed mattresses that perform well on various hard surfaces, eliminating the need for additional support.

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