Merkaba: Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Healing, & Meditations

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The Merkaba, far more than a simple star-shaped object, holds profound spiritual significance. With its eight points, this three-dimensional star derives its name from the combination of “Mer” for light, “Ka” for spirit, and “Ba” for body. The Merkaba is believed to be a divine vehicle for maintaining balance in our lives.

Throughout the ages, people have sought to unravel the depths and meaning of the Merkaba. While it is impossible to capture the entirety of its complexity in a single paragraph, we will strive to provide a brief glimpse into the spiritual healing power of this sacred geometric star.

A History Rooted in Mystery

The Merkaba has a long and intricate history. Derived from the Hebrew word for “chariot,” this term is associated with the biblical text found in Ezekiel 1.4-26. Although the word Merkaba itself may not appear explicitly, the numerous mentions of “chariot” allude to its meaning. Scholars interpret this “chariot” as a symbolic representation of how God and his archangels reveal themselves in our world, rather than a literal mode of transportation.

Interestingly, the word Merkaba is believed to have Egyptian origins, comprised of the three parts: “Mer,” “Ka,” and “Ba.” As such, the Merkaba holds religious and spiritual connotations. Chassidic Jewish individuals even view the Merkaba as a symbol for personal improvement, intertwining spirituality and the beauty of sacred geometry.

The Power of Sacred Geometry

Beyond its significance in Judaism, the Merkaba is closely connected to sacred geometry. Resembling a three-dimensional version of the Star of David, this star tetrahedron possesses the ability to generate a perfectly balanced and harmonious energy field through the spinning of its geometric shapes in opposite directions. Comprising tetrahedrons, the Merkaba represents stability and balance. As one of the platonic solids, its four triangular faces always lay flat, symbolizing unyielding structure and stability. Moreover, the tetrahedron is associated with the energy of the solar plexus, embodying grounded strength ready to ascend and embrace personal power.

The top tetrahedron represents the masculine force, while the lower one symbolizes the feminine. This duality extends to the relationship between the cosmos and the earth, the physical and spiritual realms, as well as the presence of light and darkness. The merging of opposing forces creates harmony, forming a divine chariot capable of carrying your body and spirit into higher realms of consciousness.

The presence of the Merkaba extends beyond the star’s shape. It permeates everything around us, from water and cells to plants and animals, as it is inherent in the very fabric of the universe. Its origins are intertwined with the flower of life, the mandala, and the tree of life. These tetrahedrons represent the divine and bring us closer to “god” or higher consciousness. The upward point elevates us, while the lower point ensures our connection to the earth, grounding us on our spiritual journeys.

Harnessing the Healing Potential

merkaba star and orgone pyramid

As a powerful tool for protection, the Merkaba offers profound healing benefits. By incorporating it into our lives, we can activate our third eye chakra, access higher dimensions, and embrace unconditional love. Here are a few ways in which the Merkaba can bring balance, spirit, and the flow of prana into our lives:

Opening the Pineal Gland

Through the symmetrical usage of the Merkaba alongside ancient prana breathing techniques, we can restore the flow of prana to our pineal gland. Situated at the center of our forehead, the pineal gland, also known as the third eye chakra, plays a crucial role in unlocking our full potential. Activation of this gland allows us to access higher realms, harness the power of visualization, and deepen our spiritual awareness.

Balancing the Brain

The Merkaba’s essence lies in balance. This sacred star brings equilibrium to our being by igniting and restoring activity on both sides of our brain. By activating both hemispheres, we can delve deeper into our inner selves, enhance our understanding, and explore new pathways of spiritual growth.

Opening the Heart

Invite the wonders of unconditional love into your life by embracing the harmonious presence of the Merkaba star. As a symbol of sacred geometry and harmony, the Merkaba nurtures all facets of love and encourages the awakening of our kundalini spirit.

Connecting with the Source

Merkabas are conduits of source energy, beckoning us to connect with our soul’s intentions and manifest the reality we desire. When programmed, the Merkaba radiates with vibrant yang energy, offering support and empowering us to shape the life we desire to lead.

Raising Vibrations

Merkabas also possess the ability to raise our vibrations. Their energy can dispel stagnant and negative energy, stimulating a fresh flow that permeates our being. This influx of energy brings forth a sense of joy, rejuvenation, and deeper connection, aligning us with our true desires.

Cleansing the Chakras

As a potent force of protection, the Merkaba is capable of removing any chakra blockages hindering our full potential. In order for energy to flow freely, all seven points along the body’s energy centers must remain clear. The Merkaba empowers us to release fear and unworthiness, enabling us to step into our authentic selves.

Exploring Merkaba Meditation

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Meditation is a powerful gateway to unlocking the harmonic healing power of the Merkaba. Through meditation, we can activate the spinning energy of our star, allowing its divine potential to elevate us to new heights. By combining breathwork, visualization, and meditation techniques, we can tap into the transformative energy of the Merkaba. Here are a few ways to kickstart your Merkaba meditations:


Begin your Merkaba meditation journey with a simple visualization practice:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable space where you feel safe and at ease.
  • Take a few deep cleansing breaths and visualize your unique Merkaba star. Allow your imagination to shape it according to what resonates with you.
  • As you clear your mind and focus on the image of your star, envision it spinning.
  • Picture the top pyramid pointing towards the heavens and the bottom pyramid anchoring to the earth, both spinning in synchronization.
  • Stay attentive to your breath as the stars spin faster, illuminating you with radiant energy.
  • Visualize the stars spinning faster and faster, feeling the surge of elevated vibrations. This signifies the activation of your Merkaba, with its vibrational frequencies flowing through you.
  • Embrace any overwhelming sensations, surrendering to the energy that guides you, and explore the paths it unveils.

The Power of Breath

trio of orgone merkaba stars

Breathing exercises offer another gateway to connect with your Merkaba, harnessing its cosmic energy. The following seventeen-step breathing meditation is designed to activate your star and awaken harmonic vibrations through the power of breath:

  • First breath: Turn your palms upwards, gently touch your thumb and first finger, and take a deep inhale. Visualize a cleansing white light surrounding you. Breathe deeply, exhaling through the nose, allowing the root chakra to open as you envision a red light.
  • Second breath: With your palms still facing upwards, touch your second finger and thumb. Inhale deeply, imagining an orange light, representing the opening of your sacral chakra. Exhale.
  • Third breath: In the same seated position, with your palm facing upwards, touch your third finger and thumb together. Visualize the color yellow and feel your solar plexus opening as you exhale.
  • Fourth breath: Join your fourth finger and thumb, envisioning the color green. Experience your heart space expanding as your heart chakra flows. Exhale.
  • Fifth breath: Reconnect your thumb and first finger, visualizing a beautiful blue light. With each exhale, feel the opening of your throat chakra.
  • Sixth breath: Place your thumb and second finger together, envisaging the color indigo. As you exhale, experience the awakening of your third eye.
  • Seventh breath: Move your thumb to press against your third finger. Picture the color violet, sensing your crown chakra radiating light. Exhale.
  • Eighth breath: Inhale deeply and imagine the prana energy flowing through both ends of your spine. Observe this energy converging at your navel, blooming into a magnificent sphere of light. Exhale.
  • Ninth breath: Allow your heart chakra to expand with love as your prana sphere grows larger. Place your longest finger at the center of your body, just below the navel.
  • Tenth breath: Inhale and envision your expanding prana sphere. Exhale while releasing a small amount of air through your lips. Visualize a golden light enveloping you and flowing from your fingertips as you release the remaining air.
  • Eleventh breath: Relax into your body, embracing a gentle, rhythmic breathing pattern. Feel your heart opening to love, allowing prana to flow freely.
  • Twelfth breath: Channel this love towards the center of your prana sphere.
  • Thirteenth breath: Inhale deeply, allowing any negativity to dissipate into the surrounding light. Exhale, filling in these spaces with radiant light.
  • Fourteenth breath: Join your palms together in a prayer position, inhaling. Feel the light ascending to your fourth chakra. Breathe from this space, experiencing the flow of prana.
  • Fifteenth breath: In your mind’s eye, observe the tetrahedrons of light rotating. Inhale and exhale.
  • Sixteenth breath: Inhale, envisioning the tetrahedrons spinning at equal speed. Exhale forcefully.
  • Seventeenth breath: Imagine the tetrahedrons spinning at the speed of light. Allow this breath to transport you to cosmic realms unknown.

Exploring Other Methods

The Merkaba star can be incorporated into various spiritual practices, such as advanced reiki or crystal grid construction. When combined with crystal grids, such as the Metatron’s Cube, Merkabas amplify intention, cleanse chakras, and elevate vibrations. Wearing or keeping a Merkaba star nearby envelops you in healing light and serves as a reminder of your intuition’s power.

In Conclusion

The Merkaba Star, a mystical symbol with a history dating back to the first century AD, holds immense significance. It has served as a symbol in both religious and spiritual practices, transcending boundaries and resonating with seekers of body, spirit, and light. The Merkaba’s mere presence can protect and uplift us. For those seeking deeper spiritual experiences, visualization, breathwork, and meditation techniques can transport us to new realms of consciousness.

What are your thoughts on the Merkaba Star? Do its spinning energies resonate with you? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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