Are Ridge Cap Shingles Different & Do You Really Need Them?

Ridge cap shingles are an essential component of your home’s exterior, providing added protection to the roof ridge. They not only enhance the security of your roof but also contribute to its aesthetics. If you are unsure about the necessity of ridge cap shingles or curious about the different types available, this comprehensive guide will provide all the answers.

At Sol Vista Roofing, we prioritize keeping you informed about proper roofing methods and materials. By the end of this article, you’ll gain valuable insights into the following:

  • The significance of ridge cap shingles
  • How ridge cap shingles differ from regular shingles
  • Various options for roof ridge capping

Are Ridge Cap Shingles Necessary For Your Home?

Most homes in the US are already equipped with ridge cap shingles, especially those covered with asphalt or architectural shingles. Ridge caps have a long-standing reputation for providing extra protection against the elements, preventing moisture from entering your attic through the roof ridge. Let’s explore the top reasons why all shingled roofs need ridge cap shingles:

Ridge Cap Shingles

To Protect the Home from Water, Wind & Hail Damage

Hail and wind damage frequently lead to insurance claims in the US, as they can significantly harm roofs. If your home has a pitched roof, especially a gable or hipped roof, ridge cap shingles are essential. These roofs have gaps along the ridge line that require more sturdy and durable materials than regular shingles. Without proper ridge caps, the wind can easily blow away regular shingles, and hail impacts can cause them to break. This leaves the roof ridge susceptible to leaks, algae, mold, and damage to your attic and rafters.

Keep Pests and Rodents Away From the Attic

If you want to protect your home from damage caused by pests and rodents, ridge cap shingles are a must. These unwanted intruders can enter your attic through vents, cuts, holes, and roof ridge gaps. Therefore, the roof ridge capping materials must be 100% efficient. Pests can damage the wood beneath your shingles, compromising your home’s structure. Additionally, rodents may gnaw through electrical wiring, posing fire and safety hazards.

Create a Seamless Look With Matching Ridge Cap Shingles

Roof ridge shingles come in various textures and colors, but their purpose remains the same: to protect your roof while creating a seamless and visually appealing look. These caps safeguard your roof against wind, water, and hail damage. It’s crucial to choose ridge cap shingles that match both your roofing materials and the pitch of your roof.

Recently, while repairing hail damage on a customer’s roof, they had a few questions: “Can regular shingles be used for ridge caps?”, “Are new products truly necessary?”, and “What’s the difference?”. If you also seek answers, read on for a detailed explanation.

How Are Ridge Cap Shingles Different?

Many homeowners wonder if they can use architectural shingles for ridge capping, but the answer is no. Regular roofing shingles are not designed to cover the roof ridge adequately. Here’s how ridge cap shingles differ:

  • Ridge cap shingles are manufactured with different materials and profiles, making them sturdier than regular asphalt or architectural shingles. They need to withstand wind and rain more effectively, which is reflected in their slightly higher price.
  • If your roof has multiple peaks or a hipped structure, you must install ridge caps on the roof hips as well, as they share the same characteristics as the ridge.
  • Proper ridge capping enhances roof insurance claims, as it demonstrates to your insurance company that you have used the appropriate materials to maintain your roof.

If you wish to improve your home’s protection with ridge cap shingles, here are some popular options to consider:

Types of Ridge Cap Shingles

Various types of roof ridge caps are available on the market, including shingles, metal capping rolls, and tiles. Among them, ridge cap shingles are the most affordable and popular choice for residential roofs covered with architectural asphalt shingles.

Architectural Shingle Ridge Cap

If you have an architectural shingle roof and are considering ridge caps, several factors deserve consideration before making a final decision. One crucial aspect is the color of your ridge cap shingles, as it can significantly impact your roof’s aesthetics. Make sure the chosen color matches both your roof and home’s exterior. To find the best options for your home, consult a reliable local roofing contractor.

Cedar Shingle Ridge Cap

Cedar shingle ridge cap strikes a balance between beauty and durability. It complements traditional-style homes or cabins with an earthy aesthetic. Cedar ridge caps have a longer lifespan and better durability than other materials. Made of natural wood fortified with compounds that resist water, pests, and algae, cedar shingle ridge caps are also more affordable than luxurious options like slate and tile.

Vented Ridge Cap Shingles

Vented ridge cap shingles are an excellent choice for homes in colder regions. These shingles feature small holes for air circulation, which helps prevent ice damming and water leaks. Ice dams occur when melting snow refreezes before draining off the roof’s edge. However, vented ridge cap shingles are not recommended for areas prone to hurricane-force winds, as they can become clogged with flying debris and allow wind-driven rain inside.

Vented Ridge Cap Shingles

Expert Recommended Ridge Cap Shingles

After years of research and observation, we can confidently recommend Owens Corning DuraRidge® Hip & Ridge Shingles. Owens Corning products and contractor training programs consistently exceed industry quality standards. Choosing a reliable roofing contractor and ensuring compliance with local building codes are crucial steps when installing ridge cap shingles.

We hope this article has helped you understand the importance of roof ridge shingles for your home. Ridge caps are essential components of residential roofs, offering protection, visual appeal, and long-term savings by preventing severe damage.

If you require ridge cap shingle installation in Denver, Colorado, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Discuss Ridge Capping With Our Experts

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