What Are Semi Mounts Rings?

Is your wedding day approaching? Then, undoubtedly, you’ll need a ring! Selecting the perfect ring can be overwhelming, particularly if you’re not well-versed in carat size, gemstones, and other factors. Moreover, the type of diamond shape ring you choose speaks volumes about your personality.

But fear not! We’re here to assist you and make the process more manageable, ensuring everything goes smoothly for your big day. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of semi-mount rings, providing you with great stone options that will make you look absolutely stunning on your special day!

What is a Semi Mount?

A semi-mount ring is an unfinished ring that lacks the center stone but includes all the other accents and delicate embellishments. The term “semi-mount” derives from the process of mounting a ring, which involves placing the main gemstone on the ring band. This partially finished ring is aptly named “semi” because it serves as a midway point between a fully customized ring and a store-bought ring. With a semi-mount ring setting, you have more flexibility in selecting your preferred center stone, diamond cut, carat weight, band style, and more.

What is a Ring Setting, Exactly?

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The term “ring setting” has two meanings. It can refer to the metal that holds the diamond or gemstone in place, or more commonly, it refers to the semi-mount ring itself. The most popular type of ring setting is the prong setting, which uses four or more prongs to secure the diamond. However, there are other popular setting types, including bezel, pave, and channel settings.


Bezel settings for engagement rings exude pure elegance. These settings feature an outer casing or metal that completely surrounds the stone, providing a secure setting. Bezel settings are ideal for diamond cuts with sharp edges, such as marquise, princess, or pear shapes. In this setting, the stones appear more flush to the band compared to the elevated appearance of prong settings. A full bezel setting completely surrounds the center stone from all angles, offering greater protection but appearing slightly smaller due to limited light reflection. On the other hand, a partial bezel setting encloses only a portion of the stone, making it more visible and potentially larger in appearance, albeit more vulnerable to damage.


A pave semi-mount ring showcases the belief that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. These stunning bands appear to be “paved” with diamonds, covering the entire outer rim of the band. The center stone can be secured with a prong setting or bezel set, with diamonds surrounding both the focus stone and the band. Pave semi-mount rings can be singular bands or feature a split setting in the front, with two support structures for the center stone on each side. Criss-cross semi-mount designs and vintage-inspired octagon designs are particularly eye-catching.


Channel cut semi-mount rings exude pure sophistication. A carefully cut channel is hollowed out of the mount to hold smaller diamonds or other stones. This prongless design is smooth and won’t snag. The channel features a small lip to secure the stones, often with hidden grooves for additional anchoring. This design beautifully accentuates the center stone but can be challenging to size and clean.

Different Semi Mount Diamond Ring Styles

Semi mount diamond rings are available in a wide range of beautiful styles. Here are three of the most popular and stunning options:

  • The Solitaire Semi Mount: This style features a single gemstone as the focal point, complemented by a complex band with delicate filigrees, etching, or figural patterns to keep it fashionable.
  • The Bridal Semi Mount Set: Bridal sets come with a beautiful setting and a matching wedding ring. Only a center stone is required to turn this semi-mount into a stunning piece of jewelry.
  • The Accented Semi Mount Rings: This style is the most common among semi mounts, with attractive accents that can be combined with the couple’s choice of center stone. Examples of different accent stone forms include princess cuts, baguettes, emeralds, and round stones.

Characteristics of a Semi Mount Diamond Ring

Most engagement rings available in stores have a focal stone set in a designed setting. In contrast, a semi-mount ring serves as the background design, with the center stone missing. There are several backgrounds to choose from, with solitaire semi-mounts featuring engravings, filigrees, or figural motifs to accommodate the chosen stone. The band of an accented semi mount is adorned with smaller stones. Semi-mount rings come in various gold types and styles, allowing couples to select the desired mounting and match it with their chosen diamond. These rings offer the opportunity to create unique and stunning designs tailored to specific preferences.

The Benefits of a Semi-Mounted Diamond Ring

A semi-mount ring allows for customization without extensive effort or cost. It’s an ideal option for incorporating colorful gemstones or unique diamond cuts, which may not be commonly used as focal stones by ring designers. Personalization is crucial when considering a lifelong piece of jewelry, and a semi-mount provides the opportunity to enhance and personalize your ring. By selecting a different background, you can keep the stone you adore while avoiding a ring design you don’t like.

A Semi-Mount Diamond Ring’s Drawbacks

Semi-mounts have a few drawbacks to consider. They can be difficult to resize if your finger size changes, and purchasing the diamond separately from the mount may not be cost-effective. Additionally, semi-mount rings can be challenging to find, as only a few retailers carry them, usually during special events or restyling occasions. However, the freedom and options they offer in terms of ring design outweigh these drawbacks.


Now you have a comprehensive understanding of what semi-mount rings are. We’ve explored their characteristics, different styles available, drawbacks, and benefits. A semi-mount ring serves as an unfinished band with all the additional highlights and delicate embellishments, awaiting the perfect center stone. When searching for the ideal jewelry, it’s essential to visit a reputable jeweler who can show you a variety of ring cuts and discuss the various options you can incorporate into the mount. LaCkore Couture Jewelers are experts in creating trendy ring styles. Vintage semi-mount diamonds are particularly appealing due to their uniqueness and rarity. Semi-mounting allows the gemstone to receive optimal light, and these rings can be more affordable than fully customized options. At LaCkore Couture, we can assist you in choosing the ideal semi-mount for your preferences. In the meantime, explore our collection of beautiful bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces, and gift cards to complete your look this year. If you have any further questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced jewelry makers.

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