What is a Tankini? What you Need to Know


If you’ve been on the hunt for swimwear recently, you’ll know that there are countless options available. The market is brimming with stylish choices that can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Gone are the days when women had to choose between a bikini or a one-piece. Now, there’s a trendy alternative known as the tankini.

Understanding the Tankini

Developed by Anne Cole in the 1990s, the tankini offers a compromise between a one-piece and a bikini. This type of swimsuit provides more coverage than a bikini while still maintaining a fashionable appeal. It’s perfect for women who prefer the convenience of a two-piece but desire the modesty of a one-piece.

Versatile and Fashionable

One of the key features that sets the tankini apart is its variety of bottom options. From high-waisted to low-rise bikini bottoms, there’s something to suit every preference. Some tankinis even come with swim shorts for added coverage.

While the bottom remains similar to a standard bikini, the top is what truly differentiates the tankini. Resembling a tank top rather than a classic bikini top, the tankini offers extra coverage, often extending down to the bottoms. However, there are also slightly shorter cuts available for those who desire a hint of midriff exposure.

The Benefits of a Tankini

Tankinis are loved by many women for their exceptional features. They offer tummy control and can cover any imperfections, providing the desired level of confidence. The wide range of colors, styles, and shapes ensures that there’s a tankini for everyone. With options like push-up bras, adjustable straps, and high-necked tops, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit.

Not only does the tankini provide ample coverage, but it’s also a practical choice for activities under the sun. Whether you’re rafting, playing volleyball, or swimming, the tankini allows you to move freely while remaining comfortable. It’s an excellent option for those who prioritize sun protection and versatility.

Why Choose a Tankini?

  • Tummy control: The tankini offers additional coverage, giving you the freedom to emphasize the areas you’re most comfortable with.
  • Skirted bottoms: For extra coverage and a playful look, skirted bottoms are a great alternative.
  • Enhanced support: Many tankini tops provide excellent support, with options like wide straps and underwires for larger chests.
  • Inclusive for all: Tankinis are a modest choice that caters to various needs, including those with scars or breastfeeding mothers.
  • Mix and match: The two-piece design of the tankini allows for endless styling possibilities. You can easily create the perfect look by mixing different tops and bottoms.
  • Versatile for activities: The full coverage of the tankini ensures that you can engage in physical activities without any worries. Pairing the top with swim shorts or a swim skirt allows you to effortlessly transition to public places.

Finding the Perfect Tankini

While the tankini offers many benefits, finding the right fit is crucial. It’s important to choose a tankini that accentuates your desired areas and suits your body type. Pay attention to features like support, adjustability, and convertible options. With the perfect tankini, you’ll look and feel confident no matter the occasion.

Now that you know all about tankinis, it’s time to make a splash in style!

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