What is a Whisper Phone?

Explore the Toobaloo auditory feedback device and its benefits.

Toobaloo Whisper Phone

If you have a student who struggles with reading or a child with speech difficulties, you may have come across the term “whisper phones” in your research. These affordable tools are designed to improve reading comprehension and fluency for students, both at home and in the classroom. In this article, we will delve into the Toobaloo whisper phone and cover the following topics:

  • What are whisper phones?
  • Unique features of the Toobaloo whisper phone
  • Who can benefit from using a Toobaloo?
  • Where can whisper phones be used?
  • How do whisper phones work?
  • Where can you purchase a whisper phone?
  • Tips for effectively using a whisper phone

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about these auditory feedback devices.

What is a Toobaloo Whisper Phone?

A Toobaloo whisper phone is a compact and lightweight device that provides auditory feedback to enhance reading comprehension and fluency. Also known as a fluency phone, it allows children to speak softly into it while listening to the clarity and rhythm of their own words. This instant feedback encourages them to make necessary adjustments to their fluency or pronunciation as they speak.

Features of the Toobaloo Whisper Phone

The Toobaloo, developed by Learning Loft in 2002, is an auditory feedback device that is appealing, intuitive, and effective. It comes in nine colors, including vibrant neon tones, and is made of break-resistant plastic, weighing just 1.02 ounces. These features ensure easy handling for users of all ages and durability for long-lasting use. Moreover, all Toobaloo products are non-toxic and CPSIA-certified, prioritizing the safety of users.

Who can benefit from a Toobaloo Whisper Phone?

While any child can benefit from instant auditory feedback, the best results are typically seen in those who struggle with reading, pronunciation, and comprehension. The Toobaloo is specifically designed to aid those with:


Stuttering is a speech disorder characterized by the repetition, prolongation, or interruption of sounds or words. It affects approximately 3 million Americans, with 5 to 10 percent of children experiencing it at some point in their lives. The Toobaloo can improve stuttering in children by helping them work on sound patterns and pronunciation. Hearing themselves say words correctly repeatedly can lead to better success in conversations.


Dyslexia is a learning disorder that affects up to 1 in 5 students in a classroom. It involves difficulty matching letters with their corresponding sounds in the correct order. Reading aids like the Toobaloo can help improve phonemic awareness and reading comprehension for individuals with dyslexia.

Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Auditory Processing Disorder, also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder, affects about 5% of young children. It impairs the brain’s ability to recognize and interpret sounds, making it challenging to process what is heard. The Toobaloo can help children with APD concentrate on their own voice and the reading material, ultimately enhancing their language and reading skills.


Autism is a broad range of conditions characterized by social skill challenges, speech difficulties, and repetitive behaviors. Approximately 1 in 59 children in the United States is affected by autism. The Toobaloo can assist autistic children by enabling them to focus on their reading and providing auditory feedback through reading aloud. It is recommended to create a quiet, sensory-neutral space for reading sessions and incorporate frequent breaks to accommodate the individual’s needs.

Where are Whisper Phones used?

Whisper phones can be used in various settings to improve reading comprehension and speech fluency, including:

  • Home: Parents can utilize whisper phones to assist their children with homework or encourage them to read aloud at home. By incorporating the Toobaloo during family reading time, struggling students can have a more enjoyable experience and read more frequently. Combining the Toobaloo with other reading tools such as the Eye Lighter can further boost self-esteem and confidence.
  • School: Toobaloo 6-packs are available for bulk purchases, making it convenient for classrooms. These auditory feedback devices are valuable when practicing reading aloud in class. Additionally, whisper phones can address specific speech needs like dyslexia and stuttering, reinforce reading lessons, and contribute to a quieter classroom environment. Discover more reading aids for your classroom to enhance the learning experience.
  • Clinic: Speech therapists can utilize whisper phones with children as young as four years old to work on different sounds and accents. These devices provide clear auditory feedback, which helps therapists track patients’ progress and build confidence. Whisper phones are effective tools for speech therapy, specifically in addressing the needs of autism, dyslexia, stuttering, and APD. Learn how the Toobaloo can be incorporated into stuttering modification therapies.

How do Whisper Phones help?

Using a Toobaloo fluency phone can yield various benefits, including:

  • Improvement in reading rates, phrasing, and expression
  • Reducing stuttering behaviors
  • Boosting confidence as new skills are mastered
  • Increasing fluency and comprehension
  • Cultivating genuine excitement about reading

Where to buy Whisper Phones

Toobaloo whisper phones can be purchased directly from the Learning Loft website. They are available in singles, 3-packs, and 6-packs at an affordable price of $5.95 per phone. By investing in these reading and speech therapy tools, you can help children improve their reading and speech skills while building confidence in their abilities. Sign up for the Learning Loft email list for exclusive discounts and deals on their range of reading and speech therapy tools for kids.

Tips for using the Toobaloo

If you’re new to using whisper phones, here are a few tips for introducing this tool to children:

  • Relate the Toobaloo to a telephone: Help children understand how the device works by having them repeat words you recite into the Toobaloo.
  • Make it a game: Motivate reluctant readers by incorporating fun activities into your lessons, such as acting out the story they are reading.

Support the struggling reader, speaker, or comprehender in your life. Shop the affordable and kid-approved Toobaloo whisper phones online or contact the Learning Loft customer care team at 877.819.2541 for assistance. For more reading or speech improvement tools and helpful tips, explore their exclusive blog collection.

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