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What does Alyssa’s Law entail?

Alyssa’s Law is a crucial piece of legislation that aims to address the issue of law enforcement response time during life-threatening emergencies. Recognizing that every second counts when it comes to saving lives, this law mandates the installation of silent panic alarms directly linked to law enforcement. By doing so, it ensures that in case of any emergency, law enforcement can quickly arrive at the scene to neutralize threats and provide immediate assistance to victims.

To date, the legislation for Alyssa’s Law has made significant progress in several states and at the federal level. Let’s explore the current status in various jurisdictions:

Alyssa’s Law: Progress and Implementation

New Jersey

Alyssa’s Law was successfully passed in New Jersey on February 6, 2019, and has since been enacted. For more information on Alyssa’s Law compliance, please refer to the provided link.


Florida passed Alyssa’s Law on June 30, 2020. To stay updated on the implementation of this law in Florida, follow the link provided.

New York

In New York, Alyssa’s Law was passed on June 23, 2022. Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski and Senator Elijah Reichlin-Melnick played pivotal roles in introducing the bill. To learn more about the specific legislation (S7132A) in New York, click on the provided link.


In Nebraska, Alyssa’s Law was introduced by Senator Tony Vargas of Omaha under LB1156.

Federal Level

At the federal level, there are several bills to consider in the context of Alyssa’s Law:

  • HR4606
  • HR3665
  • HR2717
  • HR3661
  • HR3618

One notable bill is the Safer Schools Act (HR3618), which was introduced by Representative Roger Williams (R-TX-25). You can find updated information on this bill by visiting the provided link. For any further inquiries, please reach out to Representative Williams’ office.

Furthermore, the Alyssa’s Legacy Youth in Schools Safety Alert (ALYSSA) Act (HR4999) has been introduced by Representative Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ-5) at the federal level. This life-saving legislation mandates and allocates funds for silent panic alarms in public schools across the United States.

Additionally, Representative Gottheimer introduced the Strengthening Our Schools (SOS) Act of 2023 (H.R. 5000). This act aims to increase investment in well-trained School Resource Officers, ensuring that every school has a first responder readily available in critical situations.

Alyssa’s Law: Progress in Other States


In Arizona, Alyssa’s Law has been introduced by Representatives Hernandez D. Chavez of Espinoza and Hernandez A. Payne of Sierra. Find more details on the legislation by following the links provided (HB2803 and HB2683).


Alyssa’s Law was successfully passed in Texas in May 2023. To learn more about its implementation, explore the details provided through the links (HB204, HB669, and SB838).


Representative Timothy V. Anderson introduced Alyssa’s Law in Virginia. You can find additional information on this bill by visiting the provided link (HB1125).


In Oregon, Alyssa’s Law was introduced by Representative Emerson Levy. Discover more about this legislation through the link provided (HB3101).


Alyssa’s Law is currently in progress in the state of Georgia. Stay tuned for updates on its implementation.


Tennessee successfully passed Alyssa’s Law in May 2023. As stated in the amendment, this law emphasizes the consideration of a mobile panic alert system, facilitating real-time coordination between multiple first responder agencies. To learn more about this legislation, refer to the provided link (HB0322).

Alyssa’s Law Passage Map

Alyssa's Law Passage Map

As we continue to prioritize school safety, Alyssa’s Law acts as a beacon of hope, ensuring swift law enforcement response and safeguarding our educational institutions. Let’s work together towards creating safe and secure learning environments for our future generations.

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