What Is a Guitar Amp Head? And Should You Get One?


As a guitarist, finding the right gear can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially if you’re a beginner or an intermediate player. One particular aspect that often causes confusion is the concept of a “guitar amp head.” In this article, we’ll demystify amp heads and explain their role in your guitar setup.

What Is a Guitar Amp Head?

An amp head is essentially the powerhouse of your guitar setup. It consists of a preamp and a power amp section, but it doesn’t have any speakers attached. Its main function is to process and amplify the signal before it is sent to a speaker cabinet.

How Does a Guitar Amp Head Work?

In simple terms, an amp head works like any other amplifier, but without the speakers. The preamp section is responsible for shaping the tone and typically has multiple channels with their own volume and equalization controls. The power amp section amplifies the signal and gives it enough power to be projected through speakers.

Can You Use an Amp Head Without a Cabinet?

No, you cannot use an amp head without connecting it to a speaker cabinet. Doing so may cause damage to the amp head. Amp heads require a load connected to them, and speaker cabinets provide that load.

Should You Get a Combo Amp or an Amp Head?

The choice between a combo amp and an amp head depends on your preferences and needs. Combo amps are simpler and more compact, making them a practical choice for most players. Amp heads and cabinets offer more versatility and customization options, but they require additional setup and transportation.

Guitar Amp Head Recommendations

Here are some amp head recommendations to consider:

  • Boss Katana-Head: A reasonably priced solid-state amp with great tones.
  • Line 6 Spider V amp head: Offers internal effects and amp modeling, though it’s more expensive.
  • Marshall JCM900 amp head: A high-end tube-driven option with a premium price tag.
  • Orange DA15H Dark Terror: A more affordable tube-driven amp head with great tone.
  • Bugera V55HD Infinium amp head: Surprisingly great deals for the price, suitable for any genre.

What Is a Guitar Cabinet?

A guitar cabinet is a wooden box that houses the speakers. It acts as the output device for the amp head and requires an amp head to work. Cabinets can have one or more speakers, typically 10 or 12 inches in diameter.

Can You Use a Cabinet Without an Amp Head?

No, you cannot use a cabinet without an amp head. Cabinets are passive speakers and require an amp head to provide power and drive the speakers.

Guitar Cabinet Recommendations

Consider the following guitar cabinet options:

  • Marshall 1960A or 1960B: High-end cabinets with a premium price tag.
  • Orange PPC412-C: A high-end cabinet capable of handling impressive output power.
  • Marshall MX412AR: A more affordable option from Marshall.
  • Boss Katana cab: A smaller cabinet to pair with the Boss Katana amp series.


In the end, the choice between a combo amp and an amp head with a cabinet depends on your personal preferences and needs. Combo amps offer simplicity, while amp heads and cabinets provide versatility and customization options. Consider your budget and requirements to make the best decision for your guitar setup.

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