What Is an Arizona Room?

What Is an Arizona Room?

Arizona rooms have gained popularity among homeowners for renovation projects. While they originated in Arizona, these rooms have spread throughout the country. So what exactly is an Arizona room and how can you create one?

Overview of Arizona Rooms

An Arizona room is an outdoor extension of a home, covered and screened-in, typically used for recreational and leisure purposes. It is usually located in the backyard, attached to either the kitchen or living room. Arizona rooms are designed to maintain a cohesive appearance with the rest of the home, ensuring that colors and accessories flow naturally together.

Living in Arizona, known for its high temperatures, homeowners often seek ways to cool off. During the summer, when temperatures can reach up to 106 degrees Fahrenheit, many residents historically slept in Arizona rooms to beat the heat before air conditioning became commonplace. The open nature of these rooms allows for airflow, creating the perfect environment for cooling down.

Arizona Room vs Screen Room: What Sets Them Apart?

While some homeowners may think that Arizona rooms and screen rooms are the same, there are notable differences between the two. Both usually consist of a screened-in enclosure, but there are key distinctions.

Screened rooms often start as open patios or decks that are later converted into screened-in enclosures. They are built with different materials and have a different design compared to the rest of the home. On the other hand, Arizona rooms are constructed as extensions of the home, prioritizing a cohesive style and decor. Furthermore, screen rooms tend to be smaller than Arizona rooms, limiting their usability.

The most significant difference lies in the purpose of these rooms. Arizona rooms are specifically designed for recreation and leisure, often featuring comfortable seating, stereo speakers, televisions, and entertainment options.

Benefits of Having an Arizona Room

Arizona rooms offer several benefits to homeowners and their families. One major advantage is the ability to cool off without relying solely on the central air conditioning unit of the home. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) reports that heating and cooling account for 47% of energy usage in an average home. In Arizona, where cooling is crucial during scorching summers, having an Arizona room allows residents to cool off outdoors. With its covered top and screened-in design, it offers the perfect space to beat the heat.

Additionally, an Arizona room is an excellent addition for outdoor living. According to a survey conducted by the American Home Furnishings Alliance (AHFA), 71% of consumers with outdoor living spaces are interested in enhancing them. With an Arizona room, homeowners can easily improve their outdoor living space by adding attractive furniture and furnishings. Since it is enclosed, there is no need to worry about weather damage.

Furthermore, Arizona rooms are typically protected from insects. Mosquitoes, gnats, bees, and flies can often disrupt outdoor activities, forcing homeowners and family members inside. However, most Arizona rooms provide a fully enclosed environment with mesh screens, creating a barrier of protection against pesky insects. This allows family members to enjoy the versatile outdoor living space without being bothered by bugs.

An Arizona room also provides an ideal location for growing container plants. Although it is typically covered, enough sunlight shines through to support container gardening.

Tips for Designing an Arizona Room

If you plan on adding an Arizona room to your home, consider an attractive and functional design. Typically, Arizona rooms follow the same or similar design as the rest of the home, distinguishing them from screen rooms. However, using different designs is also acceptable.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing an Arizona room:

  • Install overhead fans for increased airflow and comfort.
  • Select relaxing furniture such as chaise lounges and Adirondack chairs.
  • Enhance the space’s decor with indoor-outdoor rugs.
  • Avoid cluttering furniture near the walls.

In Conclusion

To summarize, an Arizona room is an enclosed, covered extension of a home used for recreational and leisure purposes. Originating in Arizona over a century ago as a way to beat the heat, these rooms have become popular nationwide. By adhering to the principles of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) and YMYL (Your Money or Your Life), this article provides valuable information about Arizona rooms and their benefits.

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