What Is A Cadet Golf Glove? (Cadet Vs Regular Golf Glove)

Did you know? Nearly 25% of players wear gloves that are too big! Yes, huge in numbers. But perhaps a cadet golf glove can solve this discomfort.

Let’s learn about cadet gloves if you don’t know about them yet. So, next time you visit a golf store, you’ll know exactly which gloves to pick.

What Is A Cadet Golf Glove?

Many of us often wonder what does cadet mean in golf gloves. Well, it is simply a type of glove that is shaped differently from regular ones. For a good reason, of course.

A Cadet golf glove is designed specifically for players with shorter fingers and wider palms. Because we may not all have proportionate hands. In such a case, cadet size offers greater control and comfort.

Despite some differences in shape, cadet gloves share all the same features as regular gloves. Therefore, you are not missing out on anything because you wear a cadet glove. Instead, you might benefit from wearing one.

Cadet vs Regular Golf Glove

The regular and cadet golf gloves differ in two significant ways. Firstly, the finger length of a cadet glove is shorter. In general, cadet gloves have fingers about one inch smaller than regular gloves. Secondly, cadet sizes have a larger palm area than regular ones. Simply put, a cadet glove is wider and shorter than a regular golf glove.

Do you really need cadet gloves?

You now understand what a cadet-size glove is. But should you use one? Well, that depends on the size and shape of your hands.

However, don’t get confused by your hand shape alone. You should first take a close look at the glove you’re currently wearing.

If it doesn’t fit properly or you find it difficult to maintain the grip, then you might want to switch to cadet gloves.

Let’s learn what it feels like to wear a well-fitted glove without making this topic more complicated.

How does a well-fitted glove feel?

A perfect fit is a little taut around your fingers and across your palm. Ideally, it would feel like a second skin, and your glove should have no extra material at the fingertips.

I mean, you should be able to touch the tips of the gloves with your fingers. In contrast, if you notice the opposite, you are probably wearing the wrong size glove.

However, it doesn’t mean you should switch from regular to cadet gloves. Maybe wearing gloves one size smaller than what you usually wear will be a great fit.

In any case, your golf glove should not be too tight.

Cadet Golf Glove Size Chart

Regular gloves come in a wider size range for men than women, starting at small and going all the way up to a size of triple XL.

On the other hand, cadet gloves are available in men’s sizes from small to double XL, based on the brand.

This chart shows different cadet glove sizes according to the size of the middle finger and the size of the palm.

Choosing cadet gloves can be challenging for women. There is a solution, though. You’ll find your perfect fit in the men’s small to medium size range.

Keep in mind, both regular and cadet golf gloves come in different sizes and fits.

How to find the perfect size for your golf gloves?

A golf glove is essential to all players, whether they are pros or amateurs.

As a matter of fact, you can improve your overall game by choosing a golf glove that fits properly and provides an optimal level of grip.

The problem is, if you pick the wrong one, it could ruin your shots.

Are you having trouble determining your golf glove size? While it can be hard, you can follow some simple guidelines.

Step 1: Most golf gloves are sold by the inch measurement. To start, stretch out your hand. Next, measure how long your middle finger is, from the tip of your finger to the top edge of your palm.

Step 2: Now, take a measurement of the circumference of your hand. Put tape around your first knuckle and inner palm, excluding the thumb.

Step 3: Choose the right size based on the measurement.

Step 4: Pick out a glove that fits the correct hand. Right-handed golfers will put the glove on the left hand, whereas left-handed golfers on the right hand.

Step 5: Lastly, it’s time for a fit test. The glove should fit snugly, and there should be no room at the fingertips.

How Much Does A Cadet Golf Glove Cost?

Cadet gloves are about the same price as regular gloves. Thus, you don’t have to let the price stop you from buying the right one.

Plus, wearing the perfect glove for your hand will ultimately help you perform better.

Tips on buying a golf glove

Here’s a little tip for you. Since every company makes their gloves a bit differently, you should try them on before buying.

In fact, it’s better to try on both regular gloves and cadet gloves at first to figure out which fits you best. Then, after selecting the type you prefer, decide on the brand and design.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cadet Golf Glove

Here are some questions people ask about cadet golf gloves online. We hope you find the answers helpful.

What is a cadet style glove?

Generally, golf gloves can be divided into two categories based on their overall shape. The first is regular golf gloves, and the second is cadet golf gloves. Both types of gloves share some common features, but cadet style gloves have shorter finger lengths and a wider palm area.

What is a cadet hand size?

In golf, a cadet hand size refers to relatively small fingers and large palms. It is recommended that if you fall into this category, you should purchase cadet golf gloves instead of regular golf gloves. By doing so, you will have greater control over your shots.

How do I know if I need a cadet golf glove?

Examine the shape of your hands and fingers. For example, if your fingers are short and your palms are wide, a cadet golf glove is going to be a better fit for you than a regular golf glove. However, we recommend that you try on both a regular and cadet glove to determine which one is most comfortable.

Final Thoughts On Cadet Golf Gloves

Those who have short fingers and disproportionately large hands benefit most from Cadet gloves. But no matter what kind of glove you wear, it should always provide excellent grip so that you can swing with more control and stability.

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