What is flocked HTV and how to use it with your Cricut?

Wondering what’s the difference between regular HTV and flocked HTV? Want to know what to do with it? I have everything you need to know to be inspired and get started with confidence!

What is Flocked HTV?

Flocked HTV is not your regular heat transfer vinyl (or Iron-on). It is much thicker, which gives your design dimension when applied. But the best thing about flocked HTV is the texture. It feels like felt or velvet to the touch, adding a professional look to your designs.

Flocked HTV

Where Can You Get Flocked HTV?

You can find flocked HTV on multiple sites, especially if you’re in the U.S. Some popular options include Craftables Flocked HTV and Firefly Craft Flocked HTV. However, if you are in Canada, your choices may be more limited. In that case, consider going with a trusted brand like Siser. Their flocked HTV, called Stripflock, comes in a variety of colors and is known for its layering capabilities.

If you’re in Canada and want to buy the Siser brand, I highly recommend shopping at ScriptDesigns.

On What Base Material Can You Apply Flocked HTV?

You can apply flocked HTV to various projects. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure proper application. For Siser Stripflock, you can apply it to 100% cotton, 100% polyester/elastane, and poly/cotton blends (excluding dye sublimated fabrics).

How to Cut Flocked HTV with Your Cricut?

When cutting flocked HTV with your Cricut, remember to mirror your image before cutting. Place the shiny side down, as it is the carrier sheet. In Cricut Design Space, you can find a custom setting specifically for flocked HTV. Simply type “Flocked” in the search bar, select “Flocked Iron-On,” and click Done.

Cricut Design Space

Always read the instructions carefully before cutting. Design Space will remind you to mirror your design and place the material shiny side down. If you forget to mirror, you can edit your design in Design Space. The Fine-Point Blade is typically required for cutting flocked HTV.

It’s always a good idea to make a test cut, especially when using a new material, to avoid wasting precious materials.

Heat Press Settings for Flocked HTV

Follow the brand’s recommendation for heat press settings. For Siser Stripflock, they recommend 320°F (160°C) with medium pressure for 15 seconds. Allow the HTV to cool before peeling. Removing it while it’s still hot may cause it to come off.

Make These Christmas Pillows with Flocked HTV

Flocked HTV is perfect for creating cozy Christmas pillows or countless other projects. I’ve been inspired to make these festive pillows and have a free “Joyeux Noël” SVG cut file available for you. If you prefer the “Merry Christmas” version, I will have that too!

Christmas Pillows

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Now that you have all the information you need, it’s time to get creative with flocked HTV and your Cricut! Happy crafting!

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