5 Things God Is Doing Right Now

Experience the Active Engagement of God in Your Life

We’re stepping into a new phase, but the message about God’s ongoing work is not limited to this moment. It’s a word for this season, spiritually speaking, and it carries tremendous significance.

1. He is Teaching

Don’t be drawn to “itching ears” that only crave the latest prophecies. While prophecies are important and should be respected, there are seasons when God focuses more on teaching than on foretelling. In these times, prophets become teachers because God is teaching.

When God teaches and prophets impart that teaching, it carries urgency. Remember that prophecy is simply hearing from God and relaying His message. So, when prophets teach, it’s because God is teaching. Pay attention, for His teaching is vital for the present hour.

Receiving solid teaching of the Word will transform your life, so don’t focus solely on prophecies that tickle your fancy. Embrace God’s teaching now and always. It is always relevant to your current situation and essential for your prosperity.

2. He is Moving People Out from Under the Influence of Control

God is not only delivering individuals from their own controlling behaviors, but He is also liberating people from leaders and influencers who operate under a spirit of control. If leaders fail to empower those around them and guide them into their own callings, God allows them to face the consequences of their actions.

While it’s joyful to see people set free, it’s tragic that anyone operates under a spirit of control. Remember, our battle is not against flesh and blood; it is against the spiritual forces of darkness. Keep this perspective in mind.

What can you do?

  1. Educate yourself about the spirit of control and how to break free from it. It is a matter of urgency.
  2. If you find yourself under a dominating influence, listen to the Father’s guidance. Compare your situation with God’s Word and step out of controlling environments.
  3. Pray for those who exhibit controlling behaviors. Ask God to heal their wounds and set them free, and pray for those who are breaking free from controlling situations.

3. He is Executing Justice

Psalm 103:6 declares that the Lord executes righteousness and justice for the oppressed. Although it may seem like justice is delayed, remember that God patiently waits for oppressors to turn from their wicked ways. Pray fervently for justice, giving God permission to act on your behalf.

4. He is Testing You

No one desires to be tested, but God’s people are going through a season of testing. This period can feel like a time of hiddenness, where you may not see immediate results or have strong feelings. Remain faithful and committed, relying on the tools God has given you and following His guidance.

5. He is Warning You About Past Influences

Be cautious of past influences that reappear in your life. These individuals may seem friendly but have ulterior motives that can compromise your integrity. Do not be deceived; the outcome will not be any different than before. This warning applies to all situations, including friendships, jobs, ministries, and romantic relationships.

For single women desiring marriage, be especially vigilant. The Lord is exposing the enemy’s tricks, warning you in advance about encountering past influences. Beware and be discerning.

Engage in the Active Work of God

God is actively engaged in these five areas, fighting battles on your behalf. Join Him in this warfare by praying through each point and speaking His Word over every situation. The victory is assured because Jesus always triumphs.

Do these revelations align with what God has been showing you? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Your input is appreciated!

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