What Are Hand Tied Extensions And Are They Right For Your Hair?

If you’ve ever considered getting hair extensions, you may have come across the term “hand-tied extensions.” However, many people are unsure about what exactly that means. What are wefts? How are they applied? How long do they last? And can you style your hair as usual? If you have these questions and more, you’ve come to the right place. We will provide you with all the information you need to know about hand-tied hair extensions, including the application process and aftercare. Allow us to introduce you to Platinum Seamless Hand-Tied Hair Extensions!

Do Hand Tied Extensions Use Heat Or Glue?

No, hand-tied extensions do not require any heat or glue. The beauty of hand-tied extensions lies in the fact that they are sewn into your hair. This eliminates the need for damaging heat or glue during the application process. As a result, when your stylist removes the extensions, there will be no heat damage or residue to deal with.

Do Hand Tied Extensions Cause Discomfort?

Platinum Seamless Hand-Tied Extensions are pain-free! Your natural hair is treated with utmost care to ensure there is no pulling or discomfort. Moreover, each weft provides even weight distribution, ensuring a comfortable application process and damage-free results.

What Are Hand Tied Extensions And How Are They Applied?

Hand-tied extensions involve attaching wefts to your natural hair. First, your stylist will divide your hair into sections. Then, they will carefully select small sections of hair one at a time and secure small silicone-lined beads onto them. These beads serve as the framework for the extensions. Once the beadwork is complete, the hair is attached in curtain-like rows using the beadwork as a base. This allows for even weight distribution and a secure foundation. When the application is finished, neither you nor anyone else will be able to tell that the hair isn’t entirely your own.

Will Hand-Tied Extensions Damage My Natural Hair?

No, hand-tied wefts will not damage your natural hair. Unlike machine wefts that can be thicker and heavier, hand-tied wefts do not exert excessive weight on your hair.

How Many Rows Of Hair Will I Need?

The number of rows of hair you will need depends on your natural hair. Factors such as thickness and length play a role in determining the amount of hair required to achieve a flawless look. If you have fine hair, your stylist will assess your hair before the application process. They will determine the amount of hair needed and discuss which areas need filling in to ensure a natural-looking appearance.

Tied Extensions

What Length Is The Hand-Tied Hair?

Platinum Seamless Hand-Tied Wefts come in two lengths: 18-20 inches and 22-24 inches. The choice of length is up to you, but your stylist can recommend the best option based on your height and style preferences. Providing additional information such as daily workout routines or any specific concerns will also help your stylist make the right recommendation.

Can I Style My Hand-Tied Extensions?

Absolutely! As long as you opt for 100% Remy human hair, such as Platinum Seamless extensions, you can style your hair as you normally would. There is no need to alter your usual hair routine, including heat styling. You can freely blow-dry, curl, and straighten your hair without worrying about damage. The hand-tied weft is so secure that none of the seams will be visible.

Can I Wear My Hair In Its Usual Styles?

Yes, you can! Even when wearing your hair up, your extensions will remain completely undetectable. Whether it’s high ponytails, top knots, or braids, you can style your hair as you like. The only noticeable change will be the added thickness and beauty to your styles. To maintain your new lengthy locks, use the Platinum Seamless home maintenance range.

Hand Tied Hair Extensions

How Long Do Hand-Tied Hair Extensions Last?

Remy human hair extensions, including hand-tied extensions, can be reused. With proper care and minimal heat usage, they can last up to one year. However, as your natural hair grows, you will need to have the extensions moved up to maintain the desired look. Typically, this is done every 6-8 weeks. The extensions do not cause any damage, so you can have them re-applied right away. Book an appointment to experience our top-notch services at Anushka Spa & Salon in West Palm Beach.

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