Sweetex Hi Ratio Shortening for Decorated Buttercream Cookies


Discovering the perfect ingredient for your buttercream cookies can make all the difference in their taste and texture. Crusting buttercream frosting has always been a favorite of mine, but the use of shortening can sometimes leave a greasy mouthfeel. That’s when I stumbled upon Sweetex hi ratio shortening, which offers a smooth and non-greasy texture, perfect for decorated buttercream sugar cookies. In this article, I’ll share my experience with Sweetex hi ratio shortening and explain why it’s worth considering for your next baking adventure.

hi ratio shortening for buttercream decorated cookies

What is Hi Ratio Shortening?

High ratio shortening, such as Sweetex, is a premium vegetable shortening with a higher level of emulsifiers compared to regular shortening. The increased amount of emulsifiers allows for better blending with powdered sugar, resulting in a smooth and creamy texture. Unlike regular shortening, Sweetex does not contain any trans fats and is made from partially hydrogenated soybean and palm oils. Other reputable brands include Kitchen Krafts, Wessen, Nutex, and Alpine.

Where to Buy Sweetex High Ratio Shortening

If you’re looking to purchase a large quantity of Sweetex, you can find it on Amazon in 50 lb. packages, which is ideal for professional bakers or those who go through a significant amount of shortening. However, if you’re a home baker or only need a smaller quantity, I recommend checking out Bake Supply Plus. They offer 1.5 lb. containers of Sweetex, perfect for decorating cookies for parties and celebrations. Bake Supply Plus provides exceptional customer service and fast 2-day shipping.

using Sweetex high ratio shortening for buttercream iced cookies

Is the Switch to Sweetex Worth It?

While Crisco frosting has been a popular choice for many home bakers, Sweetex offers a superior taste and smoother texture. While the cost of Sweetex may be slightly higher than Crisco, the quality and flavor it brings to your cookies make it worth the investment. With Sweetex, your cookies will have a non-greasy texture and a delicious powdered sugar buttercream frosting taste. Ultimately, the choice between Sweetex and Crisco depends on your personal preferences and the level of quality you desire in your baked goods.

Baking with Sweetex Hi Ratio Shortening

Sweetex can also be used in baking. The additional emulsifiers in Sweetex help retain moisture, resulting in tastier and softer baked goods. While it may not be suitable for all recipes, it can be used in sweet yeast breads and cake batters to enhance their quality.

Shelf Life and Storage

Sweetex has a shelf life of one year from the date of manufacture, making it suitable for multiple occasions such as birthday parties and holidays. It is recommended to store Sweetex in a cool and dry place, alongside other baking ingredients like flour and sugars.

My Favorite Tools for Buttercream Frosting

To achieve the best results with buttercream frosting, I recommend using a stand mixer with a paddle attachment. A large rubber spatula is useful for combining the frosting in the mixing bowl, while a skinnier spatula or butter knives help transfer the frosting into icing bags. I personally prefer Wilton 12″ icing bags for cookie decorating, as they provide the perfect size and hold the right amount of frosting. In terms of gel coloring, Wilton is my go-to brand due to its affordability and wide range of shades.

More Resources on Buttercream Frosting for Cookies

For more tips and techniques on how to decorate buttercream sugar cookies, be sure to explore the free resources available on my website. From packaging and transporting cookies to achieving whiter buttercream frosting and smoothing techniques, you’ll find a wealth of information to help you create beautiful and delicious cookies.

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Sweetex hi ratio shortening for buttercream sugar cookies

Thank you for sharing and happy baking!

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