Three Simple Questions to Help You Find Your Niche

We often hear the advice that “you need a niche” or “in trying to serve everybody, you end up serving nobody.” It’s clear that finding your niche is essential for focused marketing. But how do you actually find a niche? How do you pick a profitable market? Let’s explore three simple questions that can change your entire approach to finding your niche.

How to Get Started

Finding a niche is not about randomly choosing a target audience. Instead, it’s about understanding the inter-relationship between you and the people you serve. It’s about finding a product/market fit. To do this, let’s delve into three key questions.

1. What are you good at?

Begin by identifying your expertise and professional skills. What have you dedicated significant time and effort to mastering? What excites you the most and ignites a passion within you? Consider what could motivate you to jump out of bed every morning with a smile on your face. Your skills and desires serve as the starting point for finding your niche.

2. Who would value that?

Next, consider the group of people or organizations that would benefit the most from your skills and expertise. Think about who would truly appreciate and value what you have to offer. Avoid wasting your energy on individuals or clients who don’t understand or appreciate your unique talents. Focus on finding a niche market that aligns with your skills, your genius, and your desires.

3. What problems can you solve?

Here’s where the magic happens. At the intersection of your unique talents and the needs of your target audience lies your niche market. Identify the problems or challenges that this specific group of people faces. Shift your perspective from simply offering products or services to providing solutions and addressing their pain points. Understand the outcomes and transformations that your clients seek. By focusing on solving their problems, you can create a niche that truly resonates with your audience.

Taking Action

To organize your thoughts and gain clarity, try the following exercise:

  1. Take a large piece of blank paper and draw two big overlapping circles.
  2. In the left circle, write the question “What am I good at?”
  3. In the right circle, write the question “Who would value that? This is your niche market.”
  4. In the middle where the circles overlap, write the question “What problems can I solve?”

Completing this exercise on paper can aid the creative process and enhance your clarity. Take your time, make it your own, and revisit it as needed. Soon, you’ll be well on your way to finding your niche and serving a target audience you love.

Next Steps

Once you’ve completed this exercise, it’s time to validate your target audience and refine your niche further. Additionally, consider reading the article “What it Means to Niche Down [and How to do it]” to gain a deeper understanding of the process. Remember, your niche is not just the audience itself but the unique problems you can solve for them. Embrace the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives and the world around you.

Finding Your Niche

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