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Oil rubbed bronze is a timeless and classic finish that has long been a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom hardware. However, as trends evolve and new finishes emerge, such as brushed gold, chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black, the popularity of oil rubbed bronze may be waning. The question arises: Will oil rubbed bronze finishes go out of style in 2023? In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of oil rubbed bronze finishes and discuss whether they will continue to be in vogue.

What is Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish?

Oil rubbed bronze is a dark brown finish that mimics the appearance of bronze. It is created by applying a dark oil solution onto copper-plated hardware and fixtures. Oil rubbed bronze finishes often feature copper streaks throughout the body, with more pronounced lines and patches at the seams. This finish is commonly used in traditional style kitchens to create a warm aesthetic and is a popular choice for farmhouse style kitchens.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Advantages of Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

  • Traditional Style: If your kitchen or bathroom has a traditional style, oil rubbed bronze finishes can enhance the aesthetics and give a warm, rustic feel. It can elevate the overall look of the space and add an upscale vibe.
  • Easy to Clean: Most oil rubbed bronze finishes are stain-resistant. If spots do appear, simply rinse them with water and dry immediately with a soft cloth. Water is usually sufficient to keep bronze fixtures and hardware clean.
  • Avoid Water Spots and Fingerprints: Oil rubbed bronze has an advantage over other finishes like chrome and brushed nickel as it resists water spots, fingerprints, and scratches.

Disadvantages of Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

  • Expensive: Oil rubbed bronze finishes require complex craftsmanship, making them more expensive compared to other finishes of similar quality.
  • Difficult to Maintain: While cleaning is easy, oil rubbed bronze finishes require regular and meticulous maintenance to prevent oxidation and fading.
  • Prone to Fading: Improper maintenance can lead to fading, resulting in odd colors that may not match your kitchen or bathroom.

Is Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish Out of Style in 2023?

The answer is a resounding no! Despite the rise of new finishes, oil rubbed bronze still maintains a significant market share. According to Amazon’s 2022 annual furniture purchase summary, furniture with oil-rubbed bronze finishes remains popular. While it may not be as trendy as before, oil rubbed bronze finishes are associated with glamour and timelessness. It is still commonly used in modern farmhouse decor, indicating that it will remain in style in 2023. Although it has lost some momentum in contemporary kitchens due to the emergence of matte black, oil-rubbed bronze finishes will not go out of style. So, if you’re considering an oil rubbed bronze finish, rest assured that it will continue to be a viable and stylish option.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Will the oil rubbed bronze finish wear away?

Oil rubbed bronze finishes will wear and fade over time, giving the fixtures an aged and antique look.

Q2: Does oil rubbed bronze look brown or black?

Oil rubbed bronze has a slightly brownish undertone and is warmer to the touch compared to matte black finishes. It pairs well with black and dark brown finishes.

Q3: Is oil rubbed bronze difficult to maintain?

Cleaning an oil rubbed bronze faucet is not difficult. Simply clean it with water and a soft cloth. For tougher dirt and stains, a vinegar solution can be used.

Q4: What other metals look good with oil rubbed bronze?

Neutral metals like gold, nickel, brass, stainless steel, and brushed metal look great with oil rubbed bronze. Consider incorporating some dark, plain-looking metal into your decor for a cohesive look.


Oil rubbed bronze finishes are a perennial favorite that will not go out of style in 2023. They offer a distinctive appearance, durability, and ease of cleaning. While other finishes may be gaining more popularity, oil rubbed bronze will always be a reliable choice that you won’t regret. So, if you’re considering updating your kitchen or bathroom, don’t hesitate to choose oil rubbed bronze!

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