Easy Breakfast Ideas for Hotel Rooms

Plan one or two of these simple breakfast ideas for hotel rooms to help your family cut costs on your upcoming vacation. Whether you order groceries or pack breakfasts from home, you’ll start your day off right.

Why Make Your Own Breakfast in the Hotel?

There are several reasons why you might want to plan your own breakfast at the hotel:

  • Your hotel doesn’t offer breakfast service.
  • The breakfast they serve is too expensive for your budget.
  • The food they serve is unappetizing.
  • You want to save time eating and focus on enjoying your vacation.
  • You prefer to have healthier options.
  • Your kids are picky eaters and you want to start the day right.
  • You prefer to have a quiet breakfast and relax.

Whatever your reasons may be, with a little bit of planning, you can have a delicious and convenient breakfast right in your own hotel room.

Buy From the Local Grocery Store

If you’re traveling by plane or you simply don’t have space in your car, consider stopping by a local grocery store to pick up some easy breakfast supplies.

Many areas have drive-thru pick-up or delivery options for grocery orders. Check the grocery store’s website before you go, and if those options aren’t available, consider using Instacart.

Here are some easy things you can buy from the local grocery store for breakfast:

  1. Milk and Cereal: Grab one container of each, and you’re set for several days.
  2. Yogurt and Fresh Fruit: Customize the amount you need.
  3. Protein Bars, Cereal Bars, or Granola Bars: These are great to have on hand for snacks as well.
  4. Hardboiled Eggs: Look for pre-packaged eggs in the fridge section.
  5. Fresh Raw Veggies with Dip: Baby carrots and cherry tomatoes make a great addition to your breakfast. Consider adding hummus or peanut butter to enjoy with celery.
  6. Cream Cheese and Bagels: Grab a tub of flavored cream cheese and a package of store-bought bagels for a portable breakfast.
  7. Bakery Muffins or Coffee Cake: Treat yourself while on vacation. Store-bought muffins are often more budget-friendly and tastier than what you’ll find at the hotel’s continental breakfast.
  8. English Muffins and Freezer Sausages: Make your own breakfast sandwiches with microwaveable sausage patties.
  9. Frozen Pancakes: Even if your hotel doesn’t have a toaster, most have a microwave. Pancakes work better than toaster waffles for a hotel breakfast. Add syrup, jam, Nutella, and fresh strawberries for extra flavor.
  10. Bottled Smoothies: Look for smoothie cubes in the freezer section or pre-made smoothies in the yogurt section.

Supplies You’ll Need

Once you’ve chosen your breakfast recipes and have a plan, don’t forget to stock up on a few items that will make eating breakfast in your hotel room more comfortable:

  1. Dishes: Bring reusable dishes from home or purchase paper plates and bowls depending on your needs. Paper bowls are great for catching crumbs and keeping the hotel room clean, especially when serving items like muffins.
  2. Napkins: Bring reusable or paper napkins, as hotel rooms typically don’t provide them. For road trips, consider packing a roll of paper towels with smaller, portioned squares.
  3. Utensils: Bring reusable or disposable forks and spoons, as they come in handy.
  4. Cups: Bring reusable or disposable cups that can be used for both drinking and serving some foods more easily. Using cups for cereal and milk or yogurt and fruit can save you from buying bowls.

More Easy Ways to Eat on Vacation

If you’re looking to save money on your family trip, here are some other budget-friendly ways to cut down on food expenses:

Note: Insert additional content here with budget-friendly tips for eating on vacation.

A photo collage shows several breakfast ideas for hotel rooms.

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