What Is Pate Cat Food?(3 Reasons Why It Is Great For Your Cat)

You may have encountered or been recommended pate cat food when your feline friends are refusing to drink water or experiencing difficulties with their regular meals. But what exactly is pate cat food?

Pate cat food is a form of cat food that has a smooth pureed consistency, but it is firmer than typical pureed food. Unlike other types of cat food, pate does not contain any chunks or shreds of meat. Its texture can vary, with some being creamier and others firmer.

Many cat owners prefer pate cat food because it is easy to spread, making it an excellent option for creating tasty treats. Pate cat food can also be blended with water or broth to make a soup that cats absolutely love.

Why Cats Love Pate Cat Food

Cats are fond of pate cat food for several reasons. Firstly, they appreciate its soft texture, which many cats prefer. Additionally, pate cat food comes in a variety of flavors, making mealtime more exciting for them. When you open a can of pate cat food, your cat will come running.

Is Pate Easier for Cats to Digest

When cats experience digestive issues, wet food is the best choice for feeding. Dry food often causes digestive problems in cats due to its low water content and high carbohydrate content. Dry food expands in the cat’s stomach after absorbing saliva and stomach juices, leading to nausea and vomiting.

Cats can digest wet food more easily because it is high in protein and has a higher water content. Cats are obligate carnivores, and their digestive systems are designed to break down high-protein foods, not carbohydrates. Wet cat food meets the dietary requirements of cats, with only 10% of their diet consisting of carbs.

Pate cat food is even better for cats with digestive issues. It can be turned into a gruel by adding broth or water. This gruel is easier to digest than solid food chunks or flakes, as the digestive tract has to work less to break it down. Cats with chronic digestive issues, such as IBS, IBD, or chronic gastritis, can benefit significantly from a gruel-based diet.

3 Key Reasons Why Pate Is Good for Cats

Pate cat food offers several benefits for cats. Here are three key reasons why pate cat food is beneficial:

1. Pate Cat Food Can Help Meet Hydration Needs

While all wet food is beneficial for cats, pate cat food is particularly useful for meeting the hydration needs of cats who are ill or have special requirements. Even after adding broth or water, pate cat food maintains its desirable texture. Other types of cat food, such as flakes or chunks, may become less appealing after the additional liquid is added.

2. Pate Cat Food is Beneficial for Cats with Chewing Difficulties

Pate cat food, whether served in its normal form or as a gruel, is beneficial for cats who have difficulty chewing. Its soft texture requires minimal chewing, making it suitable for cats with dental issues. Pate foods can even be made into a gruel for cats who have lost all their teeth. Kittens benefit from pate foods as they learn to eat, and senior cats find them easier to consume.

3. Pate Cat Food is Excellent for Hiding Medicine

Administering medicine to cats can be challenging. However, pate cat food is a great solution for hiding medicine. The mushy texture can be molded around pills, making them almost impossible to detect. To ensure your cat consumes the medicine, prepare the mixture without their knowledge. Once they have eaten the mixture containing the pill, you can offer them the rest of the can.

How to Serve Pate Cat Food

Serving pate cat food is simple. Open the can or container and place the food in your cat’s bowl. Before serving, mush it up with your fingers or a spoon to achieve a smoother consistency. If you want to ensure your cat receives enough fluids, add a teaspoon of water or broth to each meal and stir well.

For kittens, cats with dental issues, or senior cats, pate can be turned into a gruel. Mix a can of pate cat food with half a can of water or broth, or use kitten milk replacer for added calories or sick cats in need of extra nutrients.

Types of Wet Cat Food Flavors

Pate cat food comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy different feline palates. Common flavors include salmon, beef, pork, duck, chicken, tuna, rabbit, and lamb. There are also more exotic blends such as quail. You can find all the flavors available in other types of wet cat food in pate form.

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