Why Is It Called a Step and Repeat Banner?

Step and repeat banners have become a staple in the world of event signage. They are easy to assemble, highly customizable, and perfect for creating memorable photos at any special occasion. But have you ever wondered why they are called “step and repeat” banners? Let’s uncover the origins of this name and explore the power of step and repeat backdrops in enhancing your event branding.

The Origin of Step and Repeat Banners

The term “step and repeat” has two sources. The first can be traced back to Hollywood, where celebrities would step up to have their photos taken. After they stepped down, the next star would repeat the same action. This process of stepping and repeating became associated with the concept of capturing glamorous photos at events.

The second origin comes from the graphic design industry, where “step and repeat” refers to a graphical element that repeats across a printed item. This repetition allows for the creation of copies printed across a large sheet, which can then be cut and bound into printed banners, backdrops, or other custom event displays.

The Power of Step and Repeat Backdrops

Step and repeat backdrops have been used for decades to promote event sponsors and provide an attractive backdrop for event photos. These banners are not only visually appealing but also enhance brand visibility and longevity. Over time, they have become essential event displays due to their branding power and the high level of engagement they generate among attendees.

Assembling a Step and Repeat Banner

Step and repeat banners are made by printing an approved pattern onto vinyl or fabric, which is then stitched or bound. Vinyl banners can be rolled up, while fabric banners can be folded into a bag for easy transportation. The backdrop features top and bottom pole pockets, allowing the horizontal bars of the banner stand to slide through and attach to the vertical bars. Simply extend and tighten the telescoping bars, and your backdrop is ready to impress!

Step and Repeat vs. Hop-Up Displays

While step and repeat banners are designed for single-use or limited reuse, hop-up displays are engineered to be assembled and disassembled quickly, making them ideal for multiple events. Hop-ups come in a case with wheels, allowing for easy transportation and setup. Both types of event backdrops offer immense branding value, so your choice depends on your budget and reuse requirements.

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