Top Ankle Replacement Implants in the United States

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The ankle replacement implant market in the United States is experiencing rapid growth, with an increase of nearly 10% in recent years. As manufacturers compete for a larger market share, there have been several significant developments in the industry.

Recent Industry Highlights

  • Stryker’s acquisition of Wright Medical, including their total ankle replacement portfolio.
  • Stryker divesting its existing total ankle replacement portfolio, the STAR® Total Ankle Arthroplasty System, to address anti-competition concerns.
  • The U.S. launch of Hintermann Series H3 by DT MedTech, one of the few mobile bearing systems available.
  • Vilex’s acquisition of DT MedTech.

Despite Stryker’s divestment, the reorganization of product lines is expected to have a significant impact on the market. With Wright Medical’s ankle replacement portfolio now benefiting from a broader distribution network, their market share is expected to increase in the short-term. However, this consolidation among key competitors does not necessarily indicate price increases in the market.

The foot and ankle market provides an opportunity for companies to increase their penetration within facilities. By reducing prices on primary implants, companies like Stryker can strategically cross-sell through their portfolio, leveraging their extensive distribution network. This approach has been successful in outpatient settings for various competitors.

The recent brand changes in the market also present opportunities for physician transition. With new suppliers handling previously preferred implants, the relationships between sales reps and physicians will play a significant role in how smoothly product transitions occur.

Top Ankle Replacement Implants in the U.S.

  1. Wright Medical (Stryker) – INBONE™ Total Ankle System
  2. Wright Medical (Stryker) – INFINITY™ Total Ankle System
  3. DJO – Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR™ Ankle)
  4. Exactech – Vantage Total Ankle

Wright Medical (Stryker)

Stryker completed the acquisition of Wright Medical Group in late 2020, making Wright Medical the share leader in the foot and ankle device market. Wright Medical offers products in every segment of the foot and ankle market, holding a strong position in the primary ankle replacement market. Their INBONE® II primary ankle replacement implant, compatible with the Prophecy™ preoperative navigation system, holds over half of the market share in this segment. Wright Medical has also introduced the INVISION™ total ankle revision system, which combines their INBONE® II and INFINITY® products.


DJO, a subsidiary of the Colfax Corporation, specializes in the development and distribution of medical devices for musculoskeletal health. In late 2020, DJO acquired the total ankle and finger arthroplasty product lines from Stryker, which included the STAR™ ankle system, a widely used ankle replacement system in the U.S. market.


Exactech is a global medical company specializing in orthopedics. Their Vantage® total ankle system has closely followed the STAR™ ankle system in terms of the number of units sold in the U.S. over the past year. Exactech’s product portfolio includes hip, knee, and shoulder replacement systems, as well as spine surgery, biologic materials, and bone cement systems.


The ankle replacement surgery market in the U.S. is expected to continue growing by approximately 7%. The temporary postponement of elective surgeries due to the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to result in an increased demand for ankle replacement procedures once the pandemic is under control.

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