5 Best Heavy-Duty Recliners (That Heavy People Won’t Break)

Are you on the hunt for the perfect recliner that can withstand heavy use and provide maximum comfort? Look no further! In this article, we will explore the top recliners specifically designed for big and heavy people. These recliners are not only durable but also offer exceptional support and style. So, if you’re tired of breaking recliners and want a chair that can truly handle your needs, keep reading!

The Importance of Choosing the Right Recliner

Finding a recliner that suits your needs can be a daunting task, especially if you’re on the heavier side. Regular recliners often lack the sturdiness and size to accommodate big and heavy individuals. That’s why it’s crucial to consider factors like weight capacity, seat size, and overall design when selecting a recliner.

The 5 Best Recliners for Big & Heavy People

1. Lane Stallion Wallsaver Recliner: The Ultimate Plus-Size Recliner

Lane Stallion Wallsaver Recliner in Torino Blue Depths

The Lane Stallion Wallsaver Recliner may not be the first option that comes to mind, but it’s truly a game-changer for big guys. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • It boasts a non-electrical reclining mechanism that guarantees durability and trouble-free operation.
  • Designed for big and tall people, it can comfortably accommodate individuals up to 500 lbs and 6’8″ in height.
  • The heavy-duty steel frame moves away from the wall when reclining, allowing you to place the chair close to the wall without any issues.

With its sleek design and impressive features, the Lane Stallion is undoubtedly an excellent choice for those seeking style and durability.

2. GDFStudio Hana – The Extra Wide Recliner for Larger Frames

Christopher Knight Home Halima Microfiber 2-Seater Recliner, Slate

If you’re in search of an extra-wide recliner to accommodate a larger frame, look no further than the GDFStudio Hana. Here’s why it stands out:

  • With a total width of 46″ and a seat width of 39.5″, it offers ample space for anyone in need of extra room.
  • Though initially designed for two users, its seamless design allows oversized individuals to sit comfortably.
  • While it may not be as plush as some recliners, its microfiber cover is not only comfortable but also easy to clean, making maintenance a breeze.

If spaciousness is a top priority for you, the GDFStudio Hana is the perfect option.

3. Ashley Stoneland – The Heavy-Duty Power Rocker Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley - Stoneland Faux Leather Power Rocker Recliner - Adjustable - Dark Brown

Ashley is a renowned name in the furniture industry, known for its durable and affordable offerings. The Ashley Stoneland is no exception. Here’s what makes it a standout:

  • With its power recline function and high weight capacity, it combines convenience and strength.
  • The quality faux leather covering provides a sophisticated look while being easy to clean.
  • While it may not be the widest chair, its sturdy frame ensures long-lasting comfort for big and heavy individuals.

If you’re looking for a leather-like recliner for a great price, the Ashley Stoneland is an excellent choice.

4. Ashley Boerna – The Stylish Leather Power Rocker Recliner

Signature Design by Ashley Boerna Leather Power Recliner with Adjustable Headrest, Bluetooth Speakers & Wireless Charger, Gray 41D x 37W x 44H in

For those who appreciate the sleekness of leather and want additional features, the Ashley Boerna is a top contender. Here’s why it stands out:

  • With its Bluetooth speakers and wireless charger, it offers modern convenience without compromising on style.
  • While it may not be the widest chair, it provides ample support for most big and heavy individuals.
  • The leather covering adds a touch of elegance to any living space, making it an attractive option.

If you prioritize style and additional features in a heavy-duty recliner, the Ashley Boerna is the perfect fit.

5. Ashley Ludden – Traditional Lazy-Boy Style Comfort

Signature Design by Ashley - Ludden Contemporary Power Rocker Recliner - Adjustable - Dark Brown

If you’re looking for a traditional recliner that offers both style and comfort, the Ashley Ludden is an ideal choice. Here’s why it’s worth considering:

  • The Ludden line from Ashley offers high-capacity options that are both stylish and comfortable.
  • While not marketed specifically for big and heavy individuals, these chairs are known for their sturdiness and longevity.
  • The average width of 20″ between the armrests ensures a comfortable fit for most users.

If you’re in need of a heavy-duty recliner that won’t break the bank, the Ashley Ludden is a fantastic option.

3 Tips for Buying a Heavy-Duty Recliner as a Big Person

Purchasing a heavy-duty recliner requires careful consideration. Here are three essential tips to keep in mind:

1. Consider Overall Size vs. Seat Size

When selecting a recliner, be mindful of the seat size and overall dimensions. Many high-capacity recliners on the market are merely regular-sized recliners with reinforced frames. To ensure a comfortable fit, measure the width of chairs or couch cushions you typically find comfortable and use those measurements as a reference.

2. Choose the Best Covering

The ideal covering for a heavy-duty recliner strikes a balance between easy maintenance, durability, and comfort. While leather and vinyl offer easy cleaning, fabric chairs provide a more comfortable seating experience. Regardless of the material you choose, consider using a washable protector to preserve the chair’s longevity.

3. Take Purchase and Delivery Costs into Account

Transporting and assembling a heavy-duty recliner can be challenging. Most recliners come with free curbside delivery, which means you’ll need to maneuver the chair yourself. Ensure you have help available or contact a professional moving company if needed.


Finding the right recliner for big and heavy individuals doesn’t have to be a hassle. By considering factors like weight capacity, seat size, and overall design, you can select a recliner that meets your needs perfectly. Whether you choose one of our recommended options or explore other models, prioritize comfort, durability, and style. Enjoy your newfound comfort and relaxation in a recliner tailored to your unique needs!

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