What Are the Best Pool Decking Options? 

Determining the ideal pool deck material for your home and exploring the advantages of concrete

Pool Deck Material Choices

Discover the various options available for pool deck materials:

  • Concrete pool deck: Concrete is highly durable, making it an excellent choice for pool decks. It can be textured to provide a cool surface and prevent slipping. With proper sealing, maintenance is easy. Additionally, concrete offers versatility and can be customized to suit any style.

  • Natural stone: While natural stone is aesthetically pleasing, it tends to become hot on summer days. The installation process is labor-intensive and costly.

  • Pavers: Similar to natural stone, pavers require intensive labor and can also become hot.

  • Unglazed tile: Tiles like travertine, used on pool decks, remain cool to the touch and are less slippery when wet compared to glazed tile.

  • Wood decking: To prevent water and insect damage, high-quality wood such as cedar, ipe, redwood, or teak is necessary for exterior use.

The Best Pool Deck Material

Considering factors such as safety, maintenance, surface temperature, appearance versatility, and cost, concrete often emerges as the superior choice for pool decks due to its numerous benefits.

  • Safety: While a non-slip pool deck surface doesn’t exist, concrete allows for textured surfaces that help reduce slipperiness. Slip-resistant additives can be included in the sealer, requiring periodic reapplication to maintain effectiveness.

  • Maintenance: Caring for a concrete pool deck involves regular brushing and spraying to prevent staining. Sealing every few years protects the surface from chlorine, sunscreen, and other contaminants.

  • Surface Temperature: Properly textured and colored concrete remains comfortable for bare feet even on hot days, unlike pavers that can become scorching hot.

  • Appearance Versatility: Concrete offers customization options to match your style. Stamped concrete, exposed aggregate, and stained concrete can achieve a variety of looks.

  • Cost: Concrete pool decks are among the least expensive long-term options. Natural stone is costly, considering labor expenses for installation. Cheaper materials may require frequent replacement. Properly installed and maintained concrete decks can last for decades.

Concrete Pool Deck Ideas for In-Ground Pools

Leverage the versatility of concrete to create stunning pool deck designs. Here are a few decorative ideas to consider.

Choosing Between Pavers and Concrete

When comparing pavers and concrete as pool decking materials, concrete generally outshines pavers when evaluating all factors.

Maintenance for a concrete pool deck usually involves simple tasks like sweeping and hosing. Pavers, on the other hand, require more involved maintenance, with concerns about pieces shifting or popping out and the need to address weed growth between them.

Cracking is a potential concern with concrete, but preventative measures can be taken during installation. Adding fiber reinforcement to the mix is beneficial, and cutting joints at appropriate locations ensures controlled cracking.

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