Aquarius Birthstone Guide: Lucky Gems & Their Meanings

aquarius birthstone

If you were born under the Aquarius zodiac sign, you have a unique personality that can be complemented by both traditional monthly birthstones and lucky zodiac gemstones. The connection between gemstones and astrology dates back thousands of years, with humans looking to crystals and the stars for inspiration and answers.

Understanding Aquarius: Traits and Symbolism

Aquarius, the water-bearer, represents wisdom and a desire to make the world a better place. Those born between January 20th and February 18th exhibit positive traits such as ingenuity, independence, and humanitarianism. However, they can also display negative traits like emotional detachment, stubbornness, and contrarianism.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, falling in the middle of winter. While this can make them stubborn, it also makes them reliable, hard-working, and stable. Ruled traditionally by Saturn and modernly by Uranus, Aquarius is associated with self-discipline, responsibility, innovation, and progress. It is governed by the 11th house, which encompasses friendship, originality, and high hopes.

Monthly Birthstones for Aquarius

The tradition of monthly birthstones has its roots in Biblical texts and has been standardized over the years. Since Aquarius falls in both January and February, it has two sets of monthly birthstones.

January: Garnet

garnet gemstone

Garnet, a complex family of gems, is the primary birthstone for both January and February. It comes in various colors and optical properties, symbolizing commitment, passion, and friendship.

January: Rose Quartz

rose quartz gemstone

Rose quartz, a pink form of quartz, is often paired with garnet as a secondary January birthstone. With its softer color, rose quartz brings out the emotional side of Aquarians, who may tend to hide their emotions.

January: Emerald

emerald gemstone

Emerald, a green beryl variety, is considered a January birthstone in older Tibetan calendars. It symbolizes intellect, honesty, growth, and insight into the future.

February: Amethyst

amethyst gemstone

Amethyst, the main February birthstone, helps establish strong and long-lasting friendships. It comes in various shades, including the lavender Rose de France amethyst.

February: Zircon

zircon gemstone

Zircon, an ancient gem found in various colors, symbolizes resilience. It is believed to match the Aquarius personality in facing adversity.

February: Jasper

jasper gemstone

Jasper, an opaque, color-banded chalcedony, offers a variety of styles and patterns for Aquarius. It is known as the “Stone of Stability.”

February: Moonstone

moonstone gemstone

Moonstone, a feldspar variety, brings emotional strength and stress relief to Aquarians. It is often associated with new beginnings.

February: Anhydrite (Angelite)

anhydrite (angelite) gemstone

Anhydrite, also known as angelite, eases tension and stubbornness, replacing them with empathy and inner peace. It symbolizes the true nature of Aquarius.

Zodiac Stones for Aquarius

While monthly birthstones are standardized, zodiac stones vary according to different astrologers and traditions. For Aquarius, stones like blue sapphire, turquoise, amazonite, and moonstone are considered lucky and beneficial.

Blue Sapphire

blue sapphire gemstone

Blue sapphire, called Neelam in Ayurvedic astrology, aids personal growth and reveals one’s greater purpose in the world. It is associated with the planet Saturn, traditionally ruling Aquarius.


turquoise gemstone

Turquoise, a protective stone, is recommended by Vedic astrologers for Aquarius. It brings luck and is often worn in jewelry, such as an Aquarius birthstone necklace.


amazonite gemstone

Amazonite, a blue-green feldspar variety, empowers Aquarians to discover their own truths and identity. It is associated with the planet Uranus, which represents innovation and rebellion.


moonstone gemstone

Moonstone, known as the “Stone of New Beginnings,” provides emotional strength and stress relief. It is a beneficial stone for Aquarius, promoting personal growth and balance.

Choosing Your Aquarius Birthstone

Ultimately, the best Aquarius birthstone is the one that resonates with you. The gems discussed here are sure to bring out your innovative and unique Aquarius self. As Ed Sheeran said, “Be original; don’t be scared of being bold.” Explore Aquarius crystals and more in our gemstone shop and embrace the power of your birthstone.

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