Aquarius Birthstone Guide & 8 Best Crystals For Aquarius

Welcome to the fascinating world of Aquarius zodiac birthstones! In this guide, explore the Aquarius birthstones and discover the best crystals for those born under this sign. Whether you are an Aquarius or simply want to harness the power of the stars during Aquarius season, these healing stones are for you.

What are the Aquarius birthstones?

The Aquarius birthstones are amethyst and garnet. These powerful and beautiful stones are not only associated with those born under Aquarius but can also be worn by everyone during Aquarius season (last week of January and first couple weeks of February) to tap into their celestial energy.

Garnet is a stone for creativity and self-confidence, while amethyst is known for its soothing properties and deeper spiritual connection.

Aquarius is a Lover of Independence

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign, symbolized by “The Water Bearer,” often considered a healer bringing comfort to those around them. People born under Aquarius, from January 20th to February 18th, are known for their unique and independent nature. Their thoughtful and intellectual disposition makes them some of the most enlightened individuals. Aquarius values justice and fairness in all aspects of life.

What is the element of the Aquarius sign?

Although one might assume Aquarius is a water sign, it is actually part of the Air sign family. Air signs focus on mental processes and exhibit traits such as intelligence, curiosity, creativity, and communication. Aquarians are elusive and cannot be easily pinned down or confined to one place.

What are the positive traits of Aquarius natives?

Aquarius is the most forward-thinking sign in the zodiac. Those born under this sign often possess an inventive streak, offering creative solutions to problems. They are analytical and independent thinkers, often ahead of their time and fascinated by the future.

Aquarians enjoy exploring new ideas and theories, taking the lead in discussions. They are also known for their altruism and generosity, always seeking ways to help others. In relationships, Aquarians are loyal and devoted partners, standing by their loved ones in any situation.

What are the negative traits of Aquarius natives?

Aquarians, despite their positive qualities, have common weaknesses. They can be overly analytical and critical, overthinking situations and making decision-making challenging. They tend to be aloof and closed off, making it difficult for others to get close to them or understand them fully. Additionally, they can be scattered and prone to distractions, often starting projects without finishing them.

However, it is essential to recognize that Aquarians are compassionate and loyal individuals who make excellent friends and colleagues.

Tap into the ancient mystical healing power of crystals

By wearing their Aquarius birthstones and the corresponding healing crystals, Aquarians can overcome their weaknesses and channel their strengths.

Amethyst: The Main Aquarius Birthstone

Amethyst is the primary Aquarius birthstone. This beautiful gemstone has numerous metaphysical benefits and is used for healing and spiritual work. Amethyst is also considered a Pisces birthstone, as some individuals under that sign are born in February.

Amethyst, a type of purple quartz, brings deep peace and contentment. It is even believed to reduce sadness and heal emotional problems by providing emotional balance. This stone assists in the development of intuition and psychic abilities, offering spiritual protection.

With its calming and protective energies, Amethyst is an excellent metaphysical healing stone for Aquarius. Its direct link to the Crown Chakra helps connect us to the spiritual side of life. It encourages the opening of the Third Eye chakra, enhancing intuition and connecting us to the Divine.

Garnet: The January Aquarius Birthstone

Garnet, the January birthstone and also associated with Aquarius, represents loyalty and strength in relationships. Aquarians have a natural affinity for understanding and engaging in meaningful conversations, making garnet an ideal crystal for communication. This crystal amplifies communication between couples and fosters harmonious vibrations in group situations.

Garnet is known for its energy regeneration and self-discovery properties. It connects to our life force energy, also known as Chi. Wearing garnet jewelry can bring balance, stability, and abundance into your life.

What are the best stones for Aquarius to wear?


Angelite is a stone for the New Age, resonating with peace and brotherhood. It brings harmonious vibrations into group situations, appealing to the independent nature of Aquarius. Angelite also resonates with the Throat chakra, allowing Aquarians to speak their truth and facilitating clear communication. It enhances compassion, transmuting pain and discord into wholeness.


Pyrite overcomes lethargy and apathy, igniting natural abilities and sparking creativity. It is a stone of truth, revealing what lies beyond facades and illusions. Pyrite acts as an energy shield, protecting the subtle, physical, and spiritual bodies from harmful vibrations. It aids in emotional stability, transmuting despair into hope and optimism. Pyrite also boosts mental clarity and memory recall.

Aquarius Birthstone Jewelry Collection

For Aquarians seeking the combined energies of their zodiac stones, an Aquarius birthstone jewelry collection is a perfect choice. These handcrafted pieces, infused with the power of the planets, empower and center the wearer. By incorporating these healing stones into your daily wardrobe, you can embrace the magical power they offer during the Aquarius season.

Which other gemstones are good for Aquarius to wear?

In addition to the Aquarius birthstones, several other gemstones have positive effects on Aquarius individuals.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper, associated with the Root chakra, provides grounding and protection. It helps Aquarians stay focused, reduce stress, and move forward with their goals. This gemstone brings inner peace, balance, and stability, fostering self-confidence, creativity, and clarity of thought.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, a stone for love and self-love, is ideal for Aquarians and all zodiac signs during the Aquarius season. It softens emotions, prepares us for receiving love, and brings inner peace and balance. The month of February, the month of love, aligns perfectly with the gentle energies of Rose Quartz.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, closely connected to the Third Eye and Crown chakras, enhances Aquarius’ deep thinking and spiritual connection. It helps individuals explore their thoughts, understanding life’s mysteries better. Lapis Lazuli is an excellent stone for self-reflection and connecting with higher truths.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate, the most powerful agate stone, brings balance, reduces stress, fosters peace, and supports focus on goals. It is a protective and lucky stone, known for bringing abundance. Aquarians will appreciate its stabilizing and clarifying properties.

Which stones should Aquarius avoid wearing?

Aquarians should exercise caution when wearing fluorite, as it can be too calming for their fiercely independent nature. Fluorite promotes inner peace and harmony, which may stifle Aquarius’ need for freedom and exploration. Similarly, aquamarine’s tranquil influence may dampen Aquarius’ natural enthusiasm and intensity. However, both stones can be worn if a calmer and more grounded energy is desired.

How to cleanse the Aquarius birthstones?

Cleansing garnet and amethyst, the Aquarius birthstones, is simple and can be done at home. To cleanse garnet, place it in a bowl of lukewarm distilled water with a few drops of sage oil to remove negative energy. After 20-30 minutes, rinse the gemstone with plain water.

To cleanse amethyst, mix three tablespoons of sea salt with two cups of spring water and add the crystal to the mixture. Soak for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. Dry the gemstones with a soft cloth before storing them safely.

These birthstones carry unique energies that can help you on your journey. By wearing and connecting with these stones, Aquarians can overcome challenges, gain courage, and tap into their natural strengths. Embrace the healing power of these beautiful gemstones and enjoy the magical journey they provide in your life!

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