What's the Difference Between Profile and Non Profile GE Appliances?

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General Electric (GE) has been a leading home appliance brand for over a century, originally starting as a company focused on incandescent lamps and scientific projects in Thomas Edison’s home. Today, GE has expanded into one of the largest appliance manufacturers globally, with a revenue of $74 billion in 2021. GE appliances offer a wide array of options for your kitchen, including the Profile and non-Profile series. In this article, we will delve into the differences between these two series, helping you make an informed decision for your household.

Who’s in the GE Appliance Family?

GE offers various appliance series with different price points and features. Here are some of the notable ones:

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  • Monogram: GE’s top-of-the-line series combining modern luxury with premium features, ranging from $500 to $10,000 depending on the appliance.
  • Cafe: GE’s mass-produced line that offers high-performance and premium styles inspired by restaurant appliances, ranging from $500 to $8,000.
  • GE and GE Profile: The main series we’re focusing on in this article. Both series provide accessible features for families and high-quality appliances. The price range for GE appliances is $300 to $2,500, while GE Profile ranges from $400 to $4,500.
  • Hotpoint: GE’s most straightforward and budget-friendly appliance line, ranging from $150 to $1,000.

What’s the Difference Between Profile and Non-Profile GE Appliances?

While both GE and GE Profile appliances offer quality and reliability, there are key distinctions between the two series.

GE Profile Appliances

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  • Feature-Heavy: GE Profile appliances excel in their feature offerings. One prominent feature is the Smart Home technology, allowing integration with Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, GE Profile dishwashers utilize Microban Antimicrobial Technology for a smarter and cleaner experience. The laundry machines feature Smart Rinse and Smart Wash functions, using AI sensors to detect soil and water levels.
  • Sleeker Designs: GE Profile appliances provide a wider range of customized colors and finishes, giving your kitchen a modern and personalized touch. Options include carbon graphite, stainless steel black and silver, and chrome accents.
  • More Expensive: With enhanced features and stylish designs, GE Profile appliances usually come at a slightly higher price point. However, promotions and rebates can make them more affordable. Overall, GE Profile appliances fall into the mid-range category.

GE Appliances

  • GE appliances offer reliable performance at a budget-friendly price. They may have simpler features compared to the GE Profile series, but they still provide great quality products.
  • While GE appliances don’t have all the advanced features and modern designs of GE Profile, they offer practical solutions for everyday home use. For example, GE dishwashers come in various sizes to accommodate all your dinner dishes at once.
  • GE appliances cater to homes on a tighter budget, providing durable configurations and reliable functionality.

GE vs GE Profile Appliances

Now, let’s compare some popular kitchen appliances from both GE and GE Profile series.

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GE Dishwashers

  • GE dishwashers are perfect for budget-conscious homes seeking durable and stylish designs. They offer features like Bottle Jets for those hard-to-clean places, Wash Zones for half-loads, and Quiet Control options.

GE Profile Dishwashers

  • GE Profile dishwashers go beyond by offering additional features. For instance, the Dry Boost with Fan Assist ensures thorough drying, even for plastic Tupperware, eliminating the need for hand drying. Other premium features include 40 Deep Clean Silverware Jets, Built-In Third Racks, and Steam + Sani Cycles.

GE Refrigerators

  • GE and GE Profile refrigerators are available in French door, side-by-side, and counter-depth configurations. Basic features like door alarms, easy-access icemakers, and interior storage drawers are common across these affordable refrigerators.
  • GE Profile refrigerators offer additional features such as Showcase LED Lighting for a touch of luxury, Turbo Cool settings to maintain precise internal temperatures, and advanced water filtration systems.

GE Ranges

  • GE ranges provide large cooking surfaces for daily homecooked meals. Most GE ranges feature five burners, allowing you to cook multiple dishes simultaneously.
  • GE Profile ranges offer convection oven baking, reversible grills and griddles, edge-to-edge cooktops, induction stovetop cooking, and smart capabilities.


To address some frequently asked questions about GE appliances:

  • What makes a GE appliance a Profile?
    Designed to reflect modern life and contemporary designs, GE Profile appliances seamlessly blend into any kitchen’s design. They also bring user-friendly technology features to your home.

  • Are GE Profile appliances reliable?
    Yes, GE and GE Profile appliances are renowned for their reliability. Depending on the appliance, a GE Profile appliance can last anywhere from 13 to 15 years.

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