Compare Hockey Sticks of the 2022-2023 Season

It has been several years since our previous article comparing hockey sticks during the 2020-21 season. Due to its popularity, we are revisiting this topic for the current season. Similar to the previous edition, we have included both top-end elite sticks from each manufacturer, as well as performance and recreational level options. Additionally, we have provided Canadian dollar retail pricing for your convenience.

Trends in the 2022-2023 Season

This year, we have witnessed the largest manufacturers continue to embrace short-run, test-run marketing strategies for new product introductions. Last year, Bauer introduced the Bauer Sling as a test marketing batch, replacing their previous ADV models. Similarly, they have released the AG5NT in a similar fashion this year. True also entered the marketing test realm with their Project X line last year, which they have continued with a new shortened PX name this year. In addition to the market test products, manufacturers are also exploring higher price thresholds for their sticks. However, it is important to note that global inflation has impacted the hockey industry as a whole.

Since our last article, we have seen some companies undergo changes. Sherwood has been acquired by Canadian Tire and has experienced a significant decrease in distribution within North America. STX seems to have exited the ice hockey market altogether.

Advancements in Stick Construction

Despite these changes, some constants remain in the industry. Stick construction methods continue to be refined to produce better performing and lighter sticks. Manufacturers have been focusing on the dimensional bottom shaped shaft, which allows them to reduce weight while maintaining overall break strength. However, it is worth noting that this construction may result in a reduction in overall power generation. The extent of this reduction varies depending on the stick, but it generally offers less power compared to the conventional rectangle hosel.

Carbon fiber plays a crucial role in stick performance. The number of carbon fiber layers and the amount of resin used in the build directly impact the stick’s cost, weight, and performance. Advancements in carbon fiber fabric production have allowed manufacturers to produce flatter and thinner carbon sheets, which maintain or improve strength attributes while reducing the amount of resin needed. As a result, sticks built with these flatter layers are lighter and perform better.

Identifying Stick Quality and Performance

In general, the weight class of a stick indicates the level of carbon fiber used in its construction. Manufacturers typically offer multiple varieties within their stick lines to cater to different flex profile preferences. It is essential to understand that the flex profile does not determine the superiority of one stick over another, as it ultimately comes down to player preference. Most brands offer options for mid-kick, low-kick, and some even have additional lines for high or hybrid-kick profiles.

To provide an overview of the market, we have compiled a list of elite model sticks from each manufacturer’s product lines, comparing their weight and price. The weights are based on an 85 flex senior size build, and the prices reflect regular retail as of 11/1/2022.

Full List of Evaluated Sticks

2022-23 Ice Hockey Stick weight/price graph

Stick Comparison: Price vs. Build Quality/Weight

When we eliminate flex point and artwork from the comparison, we are left with the build quality and stick weight as the primary differentiators between hockey stick models. It is fascinating to see how price aligns with these factors. Keep in mind that there are subtle differences between sticks, such as kick point, grip level, shaft texture, and blade stiffness. However, these differences mostly boil down to player preference rather than significant performance variations.

We hope this data helps you make informed decisions about the hockey stick you choose. Make sure to check out the rest of our blog for further insights.

Enjoy a fantastic season!


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