The 10 Most Expensive BMW Cars in The World

Are you a car enthusiast looking to splurge on a luxurious ride? BMW is a brand synonymous with high-quality and stylish vehicles. However, if you’re in the market for something truly special, there are a few BMW models that will undoubtedly catch your eye.

In this article, we will explore the most expensive BMW cars and what sets them apart from the rest. From sleek and sporty models to elegant and spacious SUVs, there is something for everyone on this list.

Most Expensive BMW Cars Ever Made

1. BMW 507 Touring Sports Car

BMW 507 Touring Sports Car
The BMW 507 Touring Sports Car is a very special model that can cost up to $5M. This fancy car was made in 1957, and it is super rare because only about 200 models were ever created.

The famous racecar driver John Surtees used to own one of these cars. It’s so expensive because there aren’t many like it, and people really want rare things! The 507 has a classic design that looks amazing even today, making it a dream come true for someone who loves cars. If you’re lucky enough to see one of these, you’re looking at one of the most expensive BMW cars ever!

2. BMW Nazca M12

BMW Nazca M12
The BMW Nazca M12 is an amazing car that can cost around $3M. This unique supercar was shown to the world in 1991, and it has a cool design created by Giorgetto Giugiaro, a famous designer.

It was built in Italy and has a powerful 5.0L V12 engine made even stronger by Alpina, which helps it reach up to 350 horsepower! The Nazca M12 is very fast too because it can go nearly 200 mph.

Sadly, only three of these fantastic cars were ever made, making them really hard to find. So if you ever come across the BMW Nazca M12, you’ll know it’s one of the priciest BMWs out there!

3. BMW 507

BMW 507
The BMW 507 is a classic car that can be worth up to $3M. This stylish roadster was made after World War II when the company needed to show it could still make amazing cars.

It was created in 1956 and had an all-aluminum V8 engine with 3.2 liters, which could produce 150 horsepower. However, because it cost almost as much as a Mercedes-Benz 300 SL but wasn’t as fast or good-looking, not many people bought it.

Only about 252 of these cars were sold before they stopped making them in 1959. That’s why the BMW 507 is so rare and expensive today!

4. BMW 328

BMW 328
The BMW 328 is a famous car from 1936 that has a value of around $1.4M. It’s known for its powerful 2.0-liter, six-cylinder engine that could provide up to 80 horsepower.

This might not seem like much now, but back then, it was perfect for racing! In fact, the BMW 328 won lots of races all over the world during its time, including the big Mille Miglia race in 1940.

People kept using this car for racing until 1951 because it was so good and reliable. Today, the BMW 328 is seen as an important part of history and is one of the most expensive vintage BMW cars out there!

5. BMW M3 E46 GTR V8

The BMW M3 E46 GTR V8 is a fantastic car worth about $1M. This special racecar was made to help BMW win in IMSA racing events. However, its powerful V8 engine broke some rules, and that caused quite a stir!

To fix the issue, BMW decided to make a version of this car for people to drive on regular roads too. There are only ten M3 GTRs believed to be made, but we know for sure that at least four exist and are held by BMW themselves.

Some people think six more were sold to secret collectors, but no one knows for sure. Either way, the rare and exciting BMW M3 E46 GTR V8 is one pricey ride!

6. BMW M1 Procar

BMW M1 Procar
The BMW M1 Procar is a super cool race car valued at around $913K. This car has an amazing history, as it raced in famous events like the 1981 IMSA GTO Championship and the 1984 Can-Am Challenge Cup.

The M1 Procar was completely restored to look brand new, which helped it win awards for how well it was fixed up. There are only about 500 of these cars ever made, making them really rare and valuable!

If you see a BMW M1 Procar, you’re looking at one of the most expensive BMW race cars ever sold! It’s a real treat for people who enjoy luxury cars with lots of racing success.

7. BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition

The BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition is a fancy car with a price of around $825K. This limited edition model from 2014 has a special hybrid engine that uses both electric power and gas.

Together, they create 362 horsepower and 420 pound-feet of torque! The best part? It can go up to 23 miles just using electricity before it needs more fuel.

Inside the car, you’ll find lots of luxury items like carbon fiber finish, soft leather seats, and smart safety features to protect people on the road.

With its powerful engine, stylish look, and rare status, the BMW i8 Concours d’Elegance Edition is one of the most expensive BMWs ever made!

8. Frazer Nash-BMW 328 Sportscar

Frazer Nash-BMW 328 Sportscar
The Frazer Nash-BMW 328 Sportscar from 1939 is a stunning vintage car worth around $825K. This beautiful white car has green stripes and shiny chrome parts that make it look extra special.

The inside has pretty forest-green seats that remind people of the past. Not only does it look amazing, but this car also raced at Spa in 1949, showing off how great BMW cars were even back then!

When this rare vehicle was sold in 2017, it became one of the most expensive old BMWs ever. The Frazer Nash-BMW 328 Sportscar is a perfect example of fancy style and amazing history coming together!

9. 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL

2023 BMW 3.0 CSL
The 2023 BMW 3.0 CSL is a super exciting car that will cost around $750K. This new model is being made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of BMW’s M Performance division, which makes fast and sporty cars.

The 3.0 CSL is based on the modern M4 but has some special changes to make it even better! One big change is its powerful 3.0-liter engine that can create over 600 horsepower with its twin-turbo V8 powerplant.

There will only be 50 of these amazing cars made, so they’ll be very rare and exclusive. With its mix of speed, style, and rarity, the upcoming BMW 3.0 CSL will definitely be one of the most expensive BMWs ever created!

10. BMW 320i Turbo IMSA

BMW 320i Turbo IMSA
The BMW 320i Turbo IMSA is a classic racecar from 1978, with a value of around $731K. This fantastic car was made for racing and even won some important races like the 1979 Road America 500!

There were only five of these cars produced in that year, and just three were promoted by BMW North America. Because it’s so rare, this racecar is very special to people who love cars and know their history.

The BMW 320i Turbo IMSA is one of the most expensive BMWs ever sold, showing how much people appreciate its unique story and impressive performance on the racetrack!

Whether you have a deep passion for cars, appreciate the craftsmanship, or simply enjoy the finer things in life, these most expensive BMW cars are sure to captivate your imagination. Each model represents the epitome of luxury, style, and exclusivity. Embrace the thrill of the road with these exceptional automobiles.

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