Most Expensive Mattresses In The World


Curiosity piqued about the crème de la crème of mattresses? Behold, the crème de la crème of mattresses! In this article, we’ll delve into the world of high-end sleep experiences. Prepare to be awe-inspired as we explore the most expensive mattresses that money can buy.

1. Elysium Organic Mattress by Halcyon – $9,999

Elysium Organic Mattress
If you’re seeking the epitome of luxury in an organic mattress, Halcyon’s Elysium takes the cake. Handcrafted to perfection, this mattress boasts certified organic materials and fabrics, including the prestigious Global Organic Textile Certification (GOTC). With its intricate design and attention to detail, the Elysium provides a truly personalized sleep experience. Featuring organic coils, latex, and cotton, this mattress ensures exceptional support and temperature regulation. Its fabric, a smooth organic sateen, adds an extra touch of elegance. Offering three levels of firmness, the Elysium is the embodiment of opulence and impeccable craftsmanship.

2. The Dux Xclusive by Duxiana – $27,600

The Dux Xclusive
Duxiana’s expertise in ergonomic engineering shines through in their much-loved Dux Xclusive mattress. Crafted from full-grain aniline leather, this Swedish masterpiece utilizes the Pascal Cassettes patent spring system to contour the body and promote relaxation and repair. The mattress’s clever elevation at the foot enhances blood circulation, ensuring maximum comfort. With customizable top options and adjustable firmness, the Dux Xclusive becomes your personal haven. This luxury mattress encapsulates both comfort and functionality, making every night’s sleep a truly lavish experience.

3. The Palais Royal by Kluft – $40,000 – $60,000

The Palais Royal
Luxury meets meticulous craftsmanship in the Palais Royal by Kluft, an American brand. Boasting a patented coil spring design and ten layers of natural materials, this hand-stitched mattress offers both indulgence and medium firmness. Crafted with horsetail, latex, wool, cashmere, silk, and cotton, each mattress is lovingly handcrafted by ten artisans over three days. The Palais Royal’s price tag reflects the dedication and artistry poured into its creation, making it a true masterpiece.

4. The Masterpiece Superb by Vi-Spring – $41,000 – $71,000

The Masterpiece Superb
Vi-Spring, renowned for its luxurious mattresses since 1901, presents the Masterpiece Superb. This masterpiece utilizes pocket coil spring technology that retains height, support, and comfort for decades. Customizable tension levels allow you to personalize your sleep experience. Each mattress comprises luxurious materials such as horsetail, cashmere, silk, alpaca, and Shetland wool. With its clean design and exceptional comfort, the Masterpiece Superb envelops you in a cloud-like embrace.

5. Royal State Bed by Savior – $175,000

Royal State Bed
Fit for royalty, the Royal State Bed by Savior is synonymous with decadence. This British bed takes luxury to another level, employing genuine Argentinian horsehair for optimal comfort and support. Queen Elizabeth of Britain herself reclines on this opulent mattress. Skilled artisans spend up to two years honing their craft, meticulously hand-making each component of the bed, from the box spring to the mattress and headboard. With minimal motion transfer and optimal body support, this bespoke mattress offers a truly regal slumber.

6. The Floating Bed by Janjaap Ruijssenaars – $1.6 million

The Floating Bed
The brainchild of Dutch architect Janjaap Ruijssenaars, the Floating Bed is a futuristic marvel. This avant-garde bed features a powerful magnetic system, suspending the bed approximately 16 inches above the ground, creating the sensation of sleeping amidst the clouds. Thin steel cables ensure its stability. Visually reminiscent of Kubrick’s Monolith, this bed exudes artistic perfection. Its sleek black platform, six years in the making, doubles as a plinth or dining table. Truly a sight to behold, the Floating Bed offers unparalleled luxury at a staggering price of $1.6 million.

7. The Grand Vividus by Hastens – $400,000

The Grand Vividus
Hastens, the renowned Swedish brand, presents the crème de la crème of all beds – the Grand Vividus. This handmade marvel, a result of collaboration between interior designer Ferris Rafauli and Hastens, boasts unparalleled craftsmanship. With just ten pieces ever manufactured, this mattress is a true rarity. Featuring a patented spring system, shagreen leather filling, and exquisite leather accents, the Grand Vividus exudes luxury. A custom monogrammed fabric topping, along with brass and gold detailing, completes its opulent design. Available in different leather hues and customizable to your preferences, the Grand Vividus embodies the ultimate indulgence in sleep.


From organic elegance to futuristic marvels, these mattresses redefine luxury and elevate the art of sleep to unparalleled heights. If you’re in the market for a once-in-a-lifetime sleep experience, these high-end mattresses will undoubtedly whisk you away into a world of unbridled opulence.

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