Pisces Birthstones: The Ultimate Guide To Their Meanings & Use

The Epitome of Tolerance and Wisdom

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Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and individuals born between February 19th and March 20th fall under this sign. Their ruling planet is Neptune and their element is water. Symbolized by the fish, Pisces individuals possess unique qualities that make them adaptable and intuitive.

Pisceans are known for their emotional depth and empathy. They have a romantic and mystical nature, often finding solace in indulgence and pleasure. Their vivid imagination allows them to get lost in captivating stories, although at times this inclination towards fantasy can distance them from reality.

The gentle nature of Pisceans grants them tolerance and a genuine concern for others. However, their abundance of emotions can sometimes lead to sensitivity and feelings of overwhelm. They may also fall into a sense of martyrdom or victimhood, overlooking their own inner strength and courage.

To maintain a balanced emotional state, Pisceans can benefit from healing stones and zodiac crystals that foster strength, encourage fearless self-expression, and establish healthy boundaries. By incorporating water and blue stones into their lives, Pisceans can strike a harmonious balance between groundedness and mystical inspiration.

Pisces Gemstones

Pisces individuals are naturally inclined to embrace the power of healing gemstones, connecting to their spiritual essence. Intuition and inner wisdom are vital aspects of their being, and certain stones can help strengthen this bond. By unblocking their throat chakra, Pisceans can effectively communicate their truth and assert healthy boundaries without fear of conflict or neglecting their own needs. Additionally, grounding stones are crucial for Pisceans, as they prevent them from being carried away by the ebbs and flows of life.

The following gemstones have been carefully selected to complement the Pisces zodiac sign:



Imbued with ancient Greek mythology and magic, Aquamarine aligns perfectly with the Pisces sign. This gemstone encourages the fluidity and adaptability that epitomizes Pisceans, preventing them from stagnation. Aquamarine also stabilizes mood swings and strengthens the throat chakra, empowering Pisceans to express their thoughts and emotions.


The February birthstone, Amethyst, holds great significance for Pisceans seeking to awaken their crown chakra and connect with their higher purpose. Its spiritual and calming properties provide solace to sensitive souls, relieving feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.


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Red Jasper, a vibrant and grounding crystal, resonates with the base chakras and aids in keeping Pisceans rooted. This stone balances the water element within Pisceans, imbuing them with passion and self-identity. Moreover, Red Jasper provides protection against those who might take advantage of their compassionate nature.


As a regal stone, Ruby brings fortune to all Pisceans. It harmonizes with the water element, lending them the fiery energy necessary to overcome obstacles. Additionally, Ruby balances the heart chakra and enhances self-confidence.


Renowned for its abundance and connection to the heart chakra, Jade bestows prosperity, health, and harmony upon Pisceans. This stone encourages self-reliance and dispels the need for people-pleasing. By embracing Jade, Pisceans can stand strong on their own while still opening themselves to trust.


Bloodstone empowers Pisceans to embrace their inner warrior and rise above past experiences of victimhood. This stone instills strength and stability, fostering a grounded perspective. By working with Bloodstone, Pisceans can navigate the present while forging a path towards a powerful and resilient future.

Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli, associated with the third eye chakra, amplifies wisdom and intuition among Pisceans. It encourages them to express their thoughts without fear of judgment, allowing their inner voice to emerge. Lapis Lazuli serves as a conduit for the spiritual mysticism inherent in Pisceans.


As a vibrant and harmonious crystal, Fluorite resonates with spiritual realms and provides a soothing, flexible energy. It dispels negative thought patterns and invites prosperity and peace while ensuring Pisceans remain true to their own needs. Fluorite is particularly effective for Pisceans who tend to fixate on catastrophic thinking.

Utilizing the Stones

Gemstone bracelets for Pisces

Birthstone jewelry offers a direct and intimate way to harness the healing powers of these Pisces stones. By wearing birthstones in direct contact with the skin, individuals can experience the stones’ high vibrations throughout their bodies. This contact allows the stones to target specific areas, such as the root and throat chakras. However, there are other methods to engage with gemstones, including holding them, using worry stones, or carrying talismans or amulets. Surrounding oneself with Pisces birthstones helps individuals remain attuned to their unique essence and live their lives to the fullest.

Cleansing Stones and Jewelry

Properly cleansing and charging gemstone jewelry is essential for maintaining their healing properties. It is not only about removing physical stains but also cleansing the stones energetically. Energy-driven crystals require regular cleansing to discharge any accumulated negative energy that may hinder their healing capabilities. Cleansing gemstones is a simple process, often involving running them under tepid water for a few moments. Delicate quartz crystals can be cleansed by smudging them with sage. To recharge stones, placing them near tumbled quartz stones, in the moonlight, or in earth-rich soil can revitalize their energetic properties.

Final Thoughts on Pisces Birthstones

Pisceans possess a tender and curious nature, with an abundance of love to give. However, their big hearts can sometimes make them more susceptible to emotional bruising. To navigate this vulnerability, Pisceans should strive to cultivate inner strength and resilience, allowing their beautiful voices to be heard.

Have you encountered Pisceans who embody these traits? Which stones do you believe provide grounding and strength to these shimmering fish? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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